Thursday, May 17, 2007

Something(s) Good IS Happening

Despite our harping on ultimate motives and damage within the TM Organization, some good folks who succumbed spurned creatively inspiring projects. Caring friendships often cross lines of belief-systems.

At Amherst's 1979 first "World Peace Assembly" and ongoing afterwards, M encouraged entrepreneurship. M's ultimate goal was to glean a percentage of proceeds from followers' successes and abject failures (through which M & family benefitted).

Individual determination generated some interesting & successful enterprises from TM practitioners. These individual successes are not TM successes. No need to "Jai Guru Dev" for individual determination and work ethic.

FF's "Ru" community now includes former TMers who continue to reside locally, devoted TMers, and grown TM-children who may not necessarily practice TM but know no other home.

For those interested, online radio KRUUFM of Fairfield Iowa features the creative upside of FF's TM's remnants - in a community at peace with its colorful identity.

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