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Maharishi Calls Global Banking System Shameful-Recommends Using "Raam Currency of Global Country of World Peace" Instead


Maharishi Calls Global Banking System “Timid and Shameful”
for Allowing Billions of People to Live in Poverty and Suffering

Declares Poverty Removal Program of the Global Financial Capital
of New York “Will Eliminate World Poverty within Monthsâ€"Not Years”

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi thisweek denounced the world economyâ€"and the global banking system, inparticularâ€"as “timid, shameful, and cruel” because the current systemallows billions of people throughout the world to live in abjectpoverty and suffering.

At the same time, Maharishi proclaimedthat the Poverty Removal Program of the Global Financial Capital of NewYork, now under way in developing countries worldwide, is positioned toeliminate world poverty “within monthsâ€"not years.”

Third Global Conference on Poverty Removal

Maharishi’s pronouncements highlightedthe “Third Global Conference on Poverty Removal,” which was held onJune 19 at the Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 BroadStreetâ€"one block from the New York Stock Exchange. Maharishi spoke viasatellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Countryof World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Conference speakers included Dr. JohnHagelin, Executive Director of the International Center for InvincibleDefense and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country ofWorld Peace; Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country ofWorld Peace; Dr. Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning ofthe Global Country of World Peace; and Dr. John Konhaus, Professor ofVedic Organic Agriculture at Maharishi University of World Peace inMeru, Holland, and Raja (Administrator) of California.

(Replays of the conference, as well as the schedule of upcoming conferences, are available at

Maharishi said the world’s largestbanks are “fearful of risk”â€"investing their money only where they see aprofit in advance. “Such a timid system will never create a world freefrom povertyâ€"such a system is a shame to human creativity, to humanendeavors, to human life,” Maharishi said.

Removing poverty by enlivening creativity and
intelligence in the life of the people

Maharishi explained that existingpoverty removal programs are doomed because they are superficial andlimitedâ€"they seek to eliminate poverty through the allocation ofwealth. “How do you remove poverty on a permanent basis? Not by givingaway wealthâ€"but by enlivening creativity and intelligence in the lifeof the people,” Maharishi said.

For this, Maharishi said, the PovertyRemoval Program of the Global Financial Capital of New York utilizesscientifically proven technologies of consciousness, including theTranscendental Meditation technique and Yogic Flying, to enliven inindividual and national consciousness the Unified Field, the source ofthe infinite creativity and intelligence within man and nature.

“We are establishing in every country agroup of a few hundred to a few thousand Yogic Flyers (the number ofexperts depends upon the population of the country),” Maharishi said.“Through their collective practice, these experts are enlivening theUnified Fieldâ€"the unified basis of the diversified universeâ€"to createintegrated national consciousness for a positive, prosperous,invincible nation.”

Extensive published scientific researchhas found that group practice of Yogic Flying by as few as the squareroot of one percent of a nation’s population is sufficient to reducenegative trends, such as crime and violence, and strengthen positiveeconomic and social trends throughout the entire nation.

Transformation of the world from poverty
to affluence is a natural phenomenon

Maharishi emphasized that this globaltransformation, now under way, from poverty and suffering to affluenceand invincibility is not due to manmade effortsâ€"but rather is a naturalphenomenon. “All good things happen naturally. The sun rises at dawnand the darkness of the night disappearsâ€"naturally. No one is requiredto make an effort for the sun to rise. In the same way, with the riseof coherence in world consciousness brought about by the discovery andapplication of the Unified Field, the removal of poverty is a naturalphenomenon. And with it, the vast disparity between the wealthy nationsand poor nations will come to an end, naturally,” Maharishi said.

“Life is NOT sufferingâ€"life is bliss”

Maharishi concluded his address with apointed message to religious leaders who proclaim that the path to Godrealization is a path of suffering. “The time is over for all thosereligions that have prevailed in the world which declare life issuffering,” Maharishi said. “Life is NOT sufferingâ€"life is bliss. Whenyou walk towards the light, darkness does not grow strongerâ€"the lightgrows brighter.”

Maharishi then invited everyone in theworld to witness the changing time. “No one remembers the darkness whenit is goneâ€"but everyone enjoys the light when it comes. The sun isrisingâ€"and the first rays of the dawn are eliminating the darkness ofthe night. In a few months, no one will remember the history ofnegativity and suffering. Everyone in every nation will be blessed withpositivity. Everyone will live the truth that life is bliss,” Maharishisaid.

The Poverty Removal Program of the
Global Financial Capital of New York

The Poverty RemovalProgram of the Global Financial Capital of New York will createeconomic balance in the world family. Every country will enjoyaffluence and abundance. Permanent world peace will be based on theenlivenment of the full creativity of every nation.


There are more than 40 million hectaresof unused, fertile, agricultural land in the world. Cultivating thisland to grow crops for export through the Poverty Removal Program willcreate the revenues to eliminate the poverty of the world’s poorestnations.
All crops will be gown organic, free from the damaging chemicals and toxins of modern agriculture.
The implementation of an organicagricultural project in a country will provide increased employment athigher wages (at least corresponding to the middle income bracket), andwill include construction of new villages with proper homes, schools,and clinicsâ€"and good food for the people.
Young people will be able to attend theschools and practice together powerful technologies of consciousness,including Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, to develop theirown total brain potentialâ€"the greatest resource of the nation.
These groups of Yogic Flyers willgenerate a powerful influence of coherence and harmony insocietyâ€"creating integrated national consciousness, which is the basisfor national creativity, affluence, and invincibilityâ€"and permanentworld peace in the family of nations.
These projects will be financed usingthe RAAMâ€"the Global Development Currency of the Global Country of WorldPeaceâ€"which will act as a catalyst to spur agricultural and otherstart-ups in the poorest countries. (Already, the RAAM is circulatingside by side with the euro in eight countries of the European Union,including Germany.)
After two or three growing seasons,when the organic crops have been sold in the international market,abundant revenues will come to the country in currencies such as thedollar, yen, or euro. The RAAM may then be retired if so desired. Inthis way, the RAAM will act as a catalyst to unfold the nation's unusedresources, to stimulate the creativity of the land and the people, andraise the quality of life of all citizens to an ideal level.
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