Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Maharishi Insists "Yogic Flying" Commands Gravity

Commenters here have speculated that the Maharishi has somehow changed his understanding of "Yogic Flying" to not include the supernormal power of levitation. The following excerpt from a talk given just a few weeks ago makes it clear that he not only believes yogic flying "commands" the force of gravity, but he implies that his followers who practice this TM-Sidhi are actually levitating already.
The Force of Gravity
Global Conference, 27.7.07

MAHARISHI: ...What is Yogic Flying? It is mind has a command over the force of gravity. Body lifting up in the air by a thought. This is the technique of Yogic Flying. Yogic Flying - mind gaining conscious awareness of the force of gravity.

And now what we found was: gravity is a force which on one side gravitates, puts things together. And on the other side it repels. So attraction and repulsion. Force of gravitation, putting things together - putting things together in other words is `unifying` - and diversifying. Unifying and diversifying.

This is how unity is gained by versity, diversity, universe. Unified and diversified. Science was investigating what was that thing whereby one thing could be found to be the basis of everything. Unified value was found by the scientists...

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