Saturday, February 02, 2008

International 'Vedic' meditation centre opens

See link below.
What do you reckon, 'same soup, different gravy'?
I wrote back asking them to explain why it is 'Vedic' rather than 'Vedantic', hope to hear back soon. In the meantime, who else has a problem with calling things 'Vedic'?
I know I do, big time.
If something is in the 'Vedanta', then it is not contained in the 'Vedas' per se, but in the works that immediately follow after. Vedanta includes the Gita, the Upanishads and all, but the four Vedas are the Vedas, or am I missing it?
Or are we just playing with words?
If we are, and we are using the word 'Veda' just to mean 'knowledge', then just about anything goes... why we could quote according to the Beatle Veda or the Maharishi Veda.
Oh my god, don't let that happen!

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