Saturday, February 23, 2008

More in the news - The Maharishi Effect spreads

Many of us watched the Movement grow from humble idealistic beginnings to today's mega-conglomerate.

Peace palaces secure real estate and devotee labor on behalf of a deemed noble purpose.

Did groups practicing the TM-Sidhi program ever really affect world peace or cause the Berlin Wall to come down?

Maharishi and MVED skilfully placed lures.. e.g. world peace, build community, organic gardening, perfect health, ideal lifestyle, taste of utopia, bring this bliss to the masses, before followers to inspire further donations and free labor. It worked. We enjoyed working together, sharing our labor and devotion for our deemed-elite purpose.

The real goal was always to expand the MVED's holdings at the lowest possible cost. That's good business.

Friday's New York Times:

Sites for ‘Maharishi Effect’ (Welcome to Parma) Spread Across U.S.

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