Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Cult Counseling Site Under Attack

Starting about 2:30 am EDT today, my cult counseling site,, came under a Denial of Service attack. This brought the site down from 2:30 am until about 4 pm this afternoon. Service has been restored despite the attack continuing. (Say a loud "Yay" with me for my resourceful Internet host,!)

The attack was largely coordinated from six sites around the world, although apparently hundreds of smaller sites are also taking part. A Denial of Service attack (DoS) basically happens when a site is flooded with so many requests for service that the server is overwhelmed. My "hits" went from around 500 a day to over 10,000 during this period. (I usually run 50 to 70 unique visitors a day.)

DoS is a fairly common practice on the Internet, particularly with controversial or disliked commercial sites. Most recently Church of $cientology sites have been under attack from the group, "Anonymous," for instance.

But why anyone would want to shut down a small counseling site like mine, with as few as 50 visitors a day, is beyond me.

I have no idea who is behind this. And the nature of the attack being what it is, with many unwitting "slave" PCs frequently taking part, I may never know.

It's a curious form of compliment, however. Pardon my perhaps misplaced pride, but I assume someone feels threatened by what I offer there.

Please wish me luck!

John M. Knapp, LMSW

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