Saturday, May 03, 2008

Transcendental M & Ms

TM Mortalities and Morbidities

In the medical world we have monthly M&M meetings to discuss cases or 'negative outcomes.' These M&M meetings help to improve practice management. This is standard practice, regardless of the deemed cause of injury or death.

Those who spent years deeply involved with the TM Movement know individuals, or heard stories of those, who experienced severe problems. Most of us did not have severe problems, other than adapting to normal society after cult/Movement life.

In the interest of discussing risks and extent of cult-related problems, we were recently asked, “Does anyone know how many TM-related deaths there are?” Of course, an official tally does not exist. The TM-Movement would never track this.

Many of us know folks who passed away due to medical neglect because they chose intensive AyurVed treatments or yagyas (costly prayer rituals) while avoiding efficacious medical treatments until too late. Others committed suicide. Some confused youth passed away due to drug overdose. Some youth were victimized by sexual predators. Some individuals experienced psychotic breaks on prolonged rounding courses.
Naturally, the causes were attributed to individual weakness or "unstressing"

In the interest of having some data, Sudarsha offered to keep a list. This list will NOT be made public, but at least there could be a discussion about documented TM-related mortalities and morbidities.

We are not arranging this for legal action, only to have an idea of case histories.
Again, this list would remain confidential in Sudarsha’s possession.

If you know of anyone directly (not just rumor) who passed away due to a TMO-related reason, or went psychotic while on prolonged TM program, or other chronic medical problems (neglected medical care in favor of AyurVed), please jot a quick email to Sudarsha.

The list has begun.

We will repost this request periodicly.

Please provide Sudarsha with:

* Name *year of death or psychotic break *adult or child/youth (if minor, then age) *city *official cause of death or incident.

You could send this to Sudarsha at:

Thank you for kindly sharing your knowledge of these tragic histories.

In memory of loved ones lost or damaged.

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