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Where Are They Now? Part 1 "UC Andy" Rhymer

The account below was written under the name "Nononeti" by the parent of the child who was abused by "UC" Andy and posted at FairField Life:

Hello my many friends here,

I know so many of you here -- please forgive that I cannot use my
real name. I've taken on Nononeti as my user name, since I must
reveal information that I do not want connected to me or my family

I'm a long time TMer whose life was RAPED by Andy Rymer.

Years ago, I attended, with my son, the one-day, self-improvement
seminar that was frequently offered to the Fairfield community by
Andy Rymer who's subsequently shown himself to be a predatory
homosexual pedophile who uses his seminars for pre-screening and
gaining access to young boys whose complete trust is then obtained by
Andy's horrifically invasive method that I shall describe below.

Andy Rymer's course was called "Self Inquiry." I
believe that Andy
Rymer has suspended his courses, and it may be due to his homosexual
pedophilia being denounced and he's now "hunkering down."

During this one-day seminar, Andy would personally lecture and engage
with the course participants in a discussion about concepts
of "enlightenment." During the years 1970-1975, Andy Rymer
quite "famous" in the Transcendental Meditation movement. At
time, it was the common belief of almost everyone in the TM community
that Andy had been publicly acknowledged by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to
be "fully enlightened," and the phrase "Unity
Consciousness" was a
frequently used accolade whenever Andy's name was mentioned. In
fact, he was called "UC Andy" by many. In the TM community,
this was
the very highest honor that could be bestowed upon anyone in the

As a member of the TM community, it was within the above mental-
context that I participated in this Self Inquiry seminar. Because of
my beliefs at that time, I very strongly created in my son the belief
that Andy, being in Unity Consciousness, could literally do no wrong

this is to say, not merely that Andy would not sin, but that even if
he did sin, it would somehow be a necessary action to support the
ultimate "plan of God" for how the universe should operate.
was, in fact, presented by me as a direct representative of divinity
on earth, and I spared no effort to convince my son of his
special, "sacred," position. And, as it turns out, this is
what my trusting and loving son absorbed from me and fully believed
and subsequently acted upon.

Writing the above paragraph is a devastating indictment of the cult
mind-set in which I indulged at the time, and I cannot condemn this
aspect of my personality too much. It will forever be my intent to
never again be so swayed by a set of beliefs that I would then so
mindlessly expose my most precious child to such absolutism, and I
know how much of the events I am herein relating were directly
supported by a thoughtlessness on my part that, now, can easily be
seen as de facto child abuse. Were not Andy's actions so
reprehensible, it would be upon me that a harsh light of scrutiny
should be shown, but, though it is obviously self serving, I am
asking that you to first turn this exposing beam of inspection upon
Andy and his nefarious tactics.

During his day-long seminar in which Andy adroitly answered any and
all questions with an air of complete authority, Andy's
methodology was to convince the entire group that he was indeed fully
enlightened and that he could bestow this "status" upon the
individuals of the group — if they only will listen with
participate in the discussions, and deeply consider the content of
the discussions then they are promised enlightenment within
"about a
year." He commonly promised that anyone could "get it"
in one single
day's attendance. During the process, he sought to get course
participants to reiterate his concepts, and whenever an individual
did so in a way that Andy approved of, then that individual was
publicly praised in front of the group. It was a very powerful
dynamic of his presentation.

My son is incredibly intelligent. This means he follows logical
thought thoroughly, but it does not mean that he was educated in the
ways of the world or how subtly trust can be violated or how wrong
headed a loving parent can be. During this seminar, my son proved
himself to be a quick study, and in his exuberance to show how he had
understood Andy, he, quite early in the day, had shown his clarity
and was praised effusively for such by Andy. Then Andy began to have
my son stand and answer questions that the audience had asked. He
did this to prove to the audience that my son had, just then, in that
seminar, become enlightened, and that this enlightenment was the
reason he could now answer these questions. My son is a handsome boy
with an open heart and natural showmanship. He was absolutely
entranced with his new role in the world and, more to the point, in
my eyes.

Needless to say, as his parent I was completely awash with all the
emotions any parent would have had at any achievement of a child that
was so publicly demonstrated, and given my mind-set at the time, how
much more so was I swollen with pride that this achievement was the
very thing I had personally tried to obtain, and that, now, though I
myself had not "gotten it," I could at least point with an
exaggerated pride towards my son's new status. It is unbearably
difficult to write these things, but years have passed and only now
do I come forward, to my shame, but I am trying to honestly report
this as forthrightly as possible less any self-serving cloaking of
how this all came about would dilute the impact of this report in the
minds of its readers. I think it is important to see how I actually
helped Andy rape my son. Since years have passed, I am not showing
very much integrity, (how many boys has Andy molested because I did
not come forward immediately?) but at least this much is being done

this belated report to you, is being accomplished. I consider this
action to be the smallest start towards personal responsibility, and
that almost all the work yet to be done by me in this regard could be
characterized as inconsequential were I not also, hopefully,
effectively warning others about this terrible danger to their

After the seminar, of course, as my son's parent, I immediately
approached Andy with questions about my son's newly obtained
spirituality. Andy was completely presenting the situation
as "authentic" and that my son should be "especially
nurtured in this
tender moment by someone who could answer his questions about his new
feelings and ideas and status." Andy offered his services, for
and asked that my son be allowed to "just hang out with me for a
while until his enlightenment gelled, settled in, became fully
established." Andy said that it was his lifestyle to sleep very
little and that he had done this sort of thing before and that he and
my son could "just watch video tapes" in Andy's
recreational vehicle
that he always had parked in the Fairfield Best Western Motel. And
in this causal manner, Andy assured me, as my son's mind brought
forth questions about his new experiences that all newly enlightened
person have occur to them, then Andy would be there to immediately
help sort things out with him.

I gave my permission for this and encouraged my son to take advantage
of this "generous" offer.

Here I should say that after I left my son with Andy, I had doubts.
These doubts included the possibility that Andy might be a
pedophile. It didn't "sit right" with me, and I felt
guilty to have
such terrible thoughts about Andy. On two occasions, I sought to
give my son the chance to return home and spend the night in his own
bed, but each time, I did so without using any parental authority,
without speaking outright about my concerns, and, of course, not
confronting Andy about the fears I was having. My son elected to
stay with Andy. I felt that my son's intuition, now that he was
enlightened, was to be honored, and that he was the "master of
own destiny now." This was the way I denied my intuition and
gave up
the last hope my son would ever have to be supported by someone in
his life that should have known better (and in fact I did "know
better," but I did not trust my own thoughts – something the
TM cult
tries to program all its members to believe. Only Maharishi's
thoughts can be life supporting, right?)

That night, in the recreational vehicle, Andy told my son that
order to fully realize your power, you must overcome your worst
fears, and do it NOW, while you are so freshly enlightened, is the
time to completely eliminate them once and forever." Even at
moment I am not privy to the exact discussion at that time, but over
a period of hours, Andy convinced my son to perform oral sex on Andy.

I have no intention, at this time, to come forward more than this or
to encourage my son to come forward with the intent to criminally
prosecute Andy Rymer. This is not the place to explain ourselves to
you, and, yes, you do deserve the fullest explanation, but my son and
I are still processing this -- years of this processing -- and have
not yet decided how much more we must carry this forward. I am
sending this partial report for one reason only — to tell that
sons are at risk. I know about my parental love, and I know that,
had I been warned even slightly about Andy, my son and I would never
have taken Andy's course until these charges were completely
and even then I doubt that I would have taken the risk — so
are these charges. "Better safe than sorry" would have ruled

In order to protect my child, I have not included in this report the
details like dates, names, etc. that you might expect to attend
these accusations. I do not want Andy to know which of the boys have
revealed his ruinous machinations. As a parent, I know that I have
delivered a terrible attack upon Andy's reputation. After
this I hope any parent would not take any such risk with their
child. I fully expect that parents everywhere will now pause long
and hard at the prospect of Andy being alone with their child.
Hopefully part of the job is accomplished – hopefully all readers
here will tell of this report if Andy's name comes up in
conversations. Also, as you shall see below, my son and are not,
even now, entirely safe from Andy.

If others have had equal devastations wreaked upon their families, I
encourage them to also come forward in whatever way they deem fit at
this time. My son and I have endured some incredible consequences
from this episode that cannot be detailed here, but let me abstractly
say that my son almost was driven insane (this word is not used
lightly) by this, and that I as his parent have had a completely
unhealthy and ignorant reaction to much of his travail, because I did
not know about Andy's rape of my son. My son took this episode
to be
entirely his own fault and has deeply tortured himself because of
this. Now, finally, with this admission, I feel some more healing
can be done, and perhaps I can, at last, see more clearly the battle
my son has so valiantly fought to contain entirely within himself. I
can only hope that his many emotional problems can now be addressed
in this light and solutions can be found. I know that good hearted
readers of this report will pray that this is so. Years have passed
and my son has yet to have had any additional homosexual or bi-sexual
activities. He dates girls, and shows all signs of heterosexuality.
His feminine side is strong, but at this point, he prefers girls. I
would be willing for him to be gay if he chose to do so from a deep
longing and identification with that choice, but Andy and I
give him that freedom when he was sixteen years old.

And so, I send this report, anonymously, via the internet. To the
degree that it is a cowardly method, I have weakened the
believability of this report. I will continue to think about this
lack of integrity. I hope one day to come more openly forward, but
at least this part has been done.

If you know of anyone who has had contact with Andy, I strongly
suggest you send this report to them or to at least consider the
consequences if you do not do so. I am hoping that this report will
be sent to almost everyone. I have the deepest conviction that many
others will subsequently come forward. My son was not the only boy
that Andy was openly associating with during and after the seminar.

There are a host of other issues that necessarily cannot be addressed
in this report, but I would like to list at least of some of them.
Andy "left" the TM movement and went to study with a man
known as Sai
Baba in India. Andy says that he stayed with Sai Baba for five years
and that Andy was Sai Baba's right-hand-man and given special
in Sai Baba's movement. I did research on Sai Baba on the
and found a huge amount of material that accuses him of being a
homosexual predator who commonly masturbates boys and uses their
ejaculate for special spiritual practices. I have no way of knowing
any of these accusations are true, but I know that I now find them
far more believable than I would have when I was trusting Andy.
Also, Andy tells almost anyone who wants to listen that Sai Baba is
an avatar, a direct incarnation of Krishna, the Hindu God, and that
Sai Baba is the virtual god of millions of followers in India. Andy
also tells a chilling tale of Sai Baba actually ordering the
immediate deaths by gunfire of six persons who were found to
be "against" Sai Baba, and that Sai Baba's power in India
is so great
that a police investigation of this slaughter was never conducted.
This reason alone gives me pause about coming forward with
accusations about a man who proudly says he was Sai Baba's right

Another issue is what this says about any cult's absolutism and
to be
specific, the brand of absolutism that the TM movement offers. As
all Fairfield residents know, the movement is replete with
controlling influences that daily mold the lives of those within the
movement. Whenever anyone questions the authority of those in power
in the movement, always it is simply said, "This is what
wants." I have never heard of any homosexual predatory
tendencies of
Maharishi, and even now, as I write these words, I am hard put to
even form the thought, however briefly in my mind. I do not
personally believe this, but because this report is going out to some
non-meditators, I am concerned that I show the fullest possible
spectrum of my concern and that no stone is being left unturned by
me. If anyone has anything to share in this regard, they would be
encouraged by me to come forward.

Unfortunately, there will be those who come forward with
disinformation that is merely self-serving. Indeed, this very report
could be an example of this, and all readers must decide if this
report has even the slightest hint of integrity or the ring of truth
within it. I see that this report opens a can of worms that will
necessarily include those who want to promote their own brand of
reality, and that that must include the disenfranchisement and
besmirching of others who are wholly innocent of any such charges.
Well, so be it. Better that many have their reputations publicly
tested than that this odious man be allowed to cut a swath through so
many lives without being challenged.

For now, my son, at last, is possibly back on his way to
psychological freedom. If your son has been equally violated, I hope
that you will hear the plea of a loving and deeply sorry parent to
seek whatever help you can. It cannot be hidden from. It must be
faced. It is a not anything but hard and difficult and, initially,
emotionally crushing. Yet it must be done.

To all those who see the above as false, I pray you are not the
parent of a boy who only wants to see his parent be so proud of him.

Finally, let me say, that all of us have our good parts. It is part
of Andy's appeal that he is intelligent and deeply knowledgeable
about all things spiritual, and that he is very charismatic and
charmingly personable. If Adolph Hitler had discover some scientific
secret about nuclear physics, despite the origin of that knowledge,
it would be taught in every school today. The knowledge that Andy
promulgated is thousands of years in the making. It simply cannot be
entirely discounted because a single sick individual has been caught
using it as a veil to shield his felonious actions. I have taken a
large step back from all my beliefs, but I am wholly looking forward
to the day I can once again have a set of beliefs that do not also
support such deep blindness on my part.

Goodbye and God speed.

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