Saturday, June 28, 2008

You're Not Crazy -- Comments Aren't Working -- Yet

Hi, everyone,

An update. I've received two sets of complaints to the new comment system.

1) Specific problems with Internet Explorer not showing the "Comments" Link at the bottom of the post.

2) The interface is too complex.

I'm not ready to scrap the system yet. Technical support assures me they can fix these problems. Unfortunately they don't work on weekends. So I have to wait at least until Monday to know whether they can deliver.

Any new system will have problems we don't anticipate.

The ability to search comments and authors, to see comments threaded, and have them connected to the post that engenders them seem overwhelmingly in the favor of a new comment system. I'd like to make it work.

Believe me, if the problems can't be fixed, I'll yank the new system out. With apologies all around.

As to the complexity of the interface: I've heard this a few times. It's my understanding that Intense Debate is redesigning their interface to simplify it.

In the meantime, I'm basically ignoring most of the bells and whistles. If you are getting a comments posting window reliably, and I believe most readers are, it's really clear where to post the comments. Just ignore the other stuff until I have time to explain some of it to you.

Right now, most of my spare time is involved in trying to stamp out technical forest fires, so I ask you to wait for the explanation a little longer.

There are very few reported problems with Intense Debate, so it's my belief there are some non-standard things about our blog's coding that are causing the problems that people are having.

If you are experiencing problems, please, please email me at, and include your browser version and operating system.

My apologies for problems our community is encountering!