Sunday, July 06, 2008

Welcome, new contributor "wifey"!

From time to time, we TM-Free contributors are pleased to extend an invitation to join us. This evening we are honored to welcome "wifey" to our ranks! Wifey offers this brief overview of her TM experience:
I learned TM in the early 1970s, along with a number of friends. My friends and my soon to be spouse became more and more involved in the TM movement as time went on. They all became siddhas. Two now live in Fairfield. My interest in the blog is due to the fact that I was married to a true believer who was a TB in every sense of the word.

Contributors are able to post to the main blog without editing or censorship. They are also given an equal vote in the collaboration of setting Blog policy and direction.

In general when looking for new contributors, we are attracted to strong writing and the ability to represent a unique viewpoint or experience within the Transcendental Meditation Org. We try to represent a wide variety of viewpoints, but do ask that contributors agree with our Mission Statement (listed among our articles on the right).

Welcome again, wifey! I look forward to your postings here!


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