Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MUM Student Reads Protest Statement to Dean of Students

I received this email from a Maharishi University of Management senior. He reports that there is an active "underground" at the Transcendental Meditation Movement's university in Fairfield, IA.

Way to go, Gabriel! I can't imagine the courage it took to make your concerns known, in what you describe as an "incredibly oppressive" environment

Forgive us all
by Gabriel Renfrow
adapted form V for Vendetta

Good evening, M.U.M. friends. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption of your regularly scheduled entertainment... I, like many of you, have come to appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the placidity of the repetition and the drilling of information that has become the main-stay of our everyday lives. I enjoy them as much as any one can. But in the spirit of revolution, whereby important past events have come to shape our lives for the better, for the greater good of world-kind, though always in the face of great idealism and the adversary associated to change, I am here to implore you to fight. This is not a fight that will win us any wordly reward any greater than the satisfraciotn of the rest that comes after the change. It is not with your fists that I ask you to take pose against, but with your will, you hearts and to let it be known that you will not become victim anymore to the tyranny of monotony. you will fight with your every non-violent actions, your spirits and your deeds.

I thought, first, we could mark this time as a time that is sadly no longer embraced for what it really is: Free! By taking some time out of our lives to sit down and have a little heart-to-heart. You may use your eyes and ears but I will use something far greater. I will use the power of intension to share with you the keys to the internal liberated world that I posses. Together we shall kick-start a change of such great proportion that will have such great impact that you will look back upon your days before now and whimper that you could have ever been so foolishly enslaved before now.

There are of course those who do not want us to speak or to feel or to make our own way for a life well lived outside of the structure they have so generously provided for us. These are our so-called superiors of whom I speak. I suspect even now some of them can feel the reverberation of my words ringing in their disapproving ears as it threatens their disposition of illusory power and promises to redeem within us all our God given rights of being human; the right to happiness, the right to freedom. They may feel the change in the world that you have begun to shake and recreate with just your attention listening to me now as I speak.

for too long your words have been meant in the name of freedom, but your deeds have been under the umbrella of fear and conformity. I am offering, now, some truth to you. Simple, unadulterated truth. The truth that is spoken, written or scientifically observed only lends itself to the means of the meanings for which you must decide or yourself. But at the very core the words of truth shall set you on the path to freedom. For those who will listen, the enunciation of what I am about to say shall come as no surprise. Perhaps, though, it shall come with a slight sting to that part of you that has cowered and knelt at their alters, eaten of their poisoned foods and drank their temporarily intoxicating drinks in rations so miniscule that you have only the guilty feelings of reciprocally mandatory dedication, blind faithfulness on the tip of your tongues to show for it all, and you feel ever so shamefully fortunate to be barely alive enough and possess what little you do- minus your dignity.- And, the part of your that is so genuinely thankful to the security of structure they have insisted only they can provide you with you have abandoned ship and given up, covered up, perhaps only to at least save face.

The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this place, isn't there? We have been tolerating cruelty, injustice, oppression, censorship, dehumanization through overspecialization, Mood-making, humanness deconstruction that leaves us so barren, naked and confused that we must cling on to the only thing we can. Whatever they have to offer us. And we know they need us but cannot let go.

We have turned the other cheek and have been force-fed their ideological principles so much that we have found ourselves regurgitating the same lies to our friend, our parents and loved ones.

Mutability has always been your only means to survival, hasn’t it? Where once you had the freedom to contrast, to think and speak for yourself, to design your life as you saw best, you now have censors and systems of supervision and surveillance coercing your conformity and incessantly soliciting your submission through the powers of repeated suggestion and subtle to blatant propaganda.

How did this come about? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others; of course there are. But who is pressing them accountable? Again, and I do apologize if it comes as a painful shock, but the matter must be told, and the veil over your eyes you have not minded or even noticed for so long, must be unwrapped if you wish to be free. If you're looking for the ultimately guilty, you need only look into a reflective surface.

I know why you did it and you do as well! You have been afraid. Who wouldn't be terrified? The threats of expulsion, discipline, the banishment from utopia, war, terror, disease, failure, separation, being labeled a heretic and an outcasted martyr. There are a myriad of issues which have schemed directly or indirectly against your precious mind to demoralize, dehumanize and disempower your reason, self-reliance and self-trust. It aimed to hold you at fear-point and rob you directly out of of your common sense. It has done it’s job.

Fear has got the best of you, and in your anxiety you turned form your neighbors and more importantly form yourself. You looked up to the forces of authority and the institutions and their administrators- who are themselves enslaved and leading you narrowly, sometimes even blindly with idealistic, ungrounded beliefs and mere portions of the wholeness of the potential of this and the internal world. It is the blind leading the blind and they are just as medicated if not worse.

They are teaching you to react according to their losses, and to accept things because that is ‘just the way they are.’ Those with money have determined and defined you and it has been accepted and exchanged that we help them spread their diseases if only we be taken care of by them. It is the disease of fear of non-self and non-power in so many directions around you that you have become so drunk by it’s overwhelming implications that it has gone relatively unchallenged. Every time you began to sober you that sobriety was treated as instability, and not to be treated as real. What would life be without those intoxicants?

You put their word above yours. Up too those who boasted themselves louder than you felt you could, louder than your parents could. The shrouds of illusion existed before your grandparents and before theirs and so on. And in their volumes of whaling through lifetimes they have taken you hostage and taken advantage of your basic trusts, assumptions, beliefs and experiences and filled them with the darkest of poisons; falsity, non-truth. Most others are as trusting and as well-wishing as yourself and most have given up control of will.

You accepted their titles: Gurus, Saint, boss-man or woman and accepted their provisions with little to no question. In defense of your autonomy you may have complained a few times about it and fooled yourself into thinking that you are not hopelessly enslaved, but you are. Let them, if they wish, take your lives, take your money, your clothes, everything you hold dear in this world... but they cannot, unless you give it to them; your soul, your spirit, your integrity and your attention. They promised you order and even peace, and all they have demanded in return is your silent, obedient consent.

Right now I seek to end that silence. Right now! Right now I seek to destroy only perspectives. The perspective that you are not amazing and free, that you are not empowered, that you do not know better, that you do not hold sway in your reality. I seek to destroy the illusion that you need anything at all. I am destroying the illusion that you are what they say you are!
If you've seen nothing and the crimes all around remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow yourself to be unmarked by my perspective. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside Right now!!! Right Now! and give them a world they will not embrace at first glance. Give them a world where you are free from them and their systems of oppression. Their only power is your fear.

They have tried to sell you enlightenment, peace, tranquility and what you got was inequity, rules and disregard for your humanity and abilities. They are dwelling in the dreas-state, the realm of mysticism which only leads to more delusion. They knowingly or unknowingly prey on your trust and innocence and they do not embrace truth. They are not the figures of supreme faculty, and neither are you until you act upon truth with unwavering intent. Stand with me this night and look at each other, look at yourselves and charge forward in the name of freedom, in the name of truth and, God damn it, explode.

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