Monday, April 27, 2009

More Info On McCartney's TM Academy

Received this recently in my email regarding the English Transcendental Meditation academy seeking funding from ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. (Edited for anonymity.)

As the article attached states it is situated in Ormskirk, Lancashire 15 miles away from Liverpool which happens to be where Paul McCartney was born and raised. The school happens to be part of the siddhaland situated in Skelmersedale, Lancashire which is next to Ormskirk. All the children from the siddhaland, known as the Ideal Village attend the Maharishi school in Ormskirk. It is rather like the set up in Fairfield - I heard there was a school there to.

"In this same siddhaland, some one became a drug addict and was immediately shunned by the Village. There were many broken marriages and Geoffrey Clements told his divorced wife (the 2nd and 3rd wife, I could never keep up) to leave the Village, and put all sorts of intimidating pressure on her to do so."

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