Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New TM "Ideal Community" Project

Below, submitted by a TMFB reader, is a promotional mailing for Parksville Living #2 -- yet another Transcendental Meditation Movement real estate project. Will this one be abandoned as so many have been before? I'm struck by the personal information requested. If you live with a non-sidha, does that mean the Welcome Wagon won't visit you?

Time to Move Forward!

Good News
We are happy to be able to tell you that we've had a great response from our previous mailing. There are now 180 Sidhas receiving our growing list; some well-wishers and also a good number who are interested in joining our new community.

Scenic Attraction- Mt. Arrowsmith

Mt. Arrowsmith, (5962 feet) is the highest mountain peak of southern Vancouver Island's alpine area and is considered its crown jewel, dominating the skyline from both sides of Vancouver Island. It provides stunning vistas of Georgia Strait and the Coast mountains to the east as well as the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The Coast Salish native people call this sacred mountain, "Kuth-Kah-Chulth", which means "that which has sharp pointed faces". Although it appears in this photo to rise directly behind Parksville, it is set back in the center of the island with many miles of lakes, waterfalls, forests and gently rolling farmland in between.

We mention Mt. Arrowsmith here because it can be seen from the property on which we wish to build and from some spots, looking to the north, the ocean can be seen as well.

Our Next Step- Moving Forward
The next step in creating our Sidha village is to decide what we want to build. In order for the developer to give us price estimates, we have to tell them what we want. For this reason we have included a short building survey below.

The builder will design and quote us the price of building "green" Sthapatya Veda homes including single family residences, duplexes, strata apartments, lofts and townhomes. Tell us what kind of unit you would like to live in: grand home, bungalow, duplex, strata apartment, loft?

Parksville Village Survey
INTRODUCTORY NOTE- We are all in the same boat. Until we know the approximate cost for a living unit, we feel cautious to say what we want. Here is how we propose to resolve this dilemma:
• Firstly, please remember, at this point everything is completely non-committal. We just need to get some preliminary information to the builder so we can move forward.
• Secondly, if you feel fairly certain that you won't be in a position to purchase a unit, don't count yourself out. Some Sidhas are planning to buy several units so rentals will be made available in order to expand the size of our community from its inception. These Sidhas need to know how many rentals to purchase and what kind.
• Thirdly, in the survey below, please indicate your first and second choice so if the first choice turns out to be more than you can manage, hopefully your second choice will fit into your budget.
• Fourthly, it will take time to build a top-quality, "green" Sthapatya Vedic subdivision with park-like landscaping complete with single family homes, duplexes, and a strata apartment building. The projected date for the infrastructure; roads, sidewalks, streetlamps, electricity, sewer, etc. is not expected to be finished until early Fall 2010. The home you will live in may not be completed for another year or more after that, depending on which units are built first. With this timeline in mind, it might be possible that you will have the finances in place to join us in paradise!

The Building Survey
To send your completed survey back to us, please first hit the REPLY button in your email client and then place an "X" in every blank below that applies to you. We are asking for your status as a meditator or Sidha only for the purpose of knowing how large a program hall we will need to build for the ladies and for the men.
First Name _____________ Last Name ________________ Sidha ____ Meditator ____
I want to own _____ I want to rent _____ Price Range interested in $_________
I am: Under 40 yrs ____ 40 - 50 yrs ____ 50 - 65 yrs ____ Over 65 yrs ____
I am: Retired ____ Semi-Retired ____ Work full-time ____
I am: Single ___ Half of a Couple ___ Couple with _?_ family members living with us
I am a couple. My significant other is a Sidha. YES _____ NO _____
Finishings: I prefer Upscale _____ I prefer Mid-Range _____ I prefer Budget _____
I want to live in a Single Family Home: This is my 1st Choice ___ My 2nd Choice ___ Over 2000 sq ft _____ 2000-1000 sq ft_____ Under 1000 sq ft _____
I want to live in a Townhome: This is my 1st Choice _____ My 2nd Choice ______ Over 2000 sq ft _____ 2000-1500 sq ft _____ Under 1500 sq ft _____
I want to live in a Side-by-side Duplex: This is my 1st Choice ___ My 2nd Choice __ 2000-1500 sq ft _____ 1500-1000 sq ft _____ Under 1000 sq ft _____
I want to live in a Strata Apartment: This is my 1st Choice ____ My 2nd Choice ____ Over 1500 sq ft _____ 1500-1000 sq ft _____ Under 1000 sq ft _____

I want to live in a Studio Apartment: This is my 1st Choice ____ My 2nd Choice ____ 800-700 sq ft _____ 700-600sq ft _____ 600-500 sq ft _____ 500-300 sq ft _____

I want to have a patio roof garden on the apartment building to enjoy mountain and ocean views and social gatherings YES ______ NO _______

Comments or Questions:________________________________________________________
Privacy Notice: Only pertinent data will be shared with the builder, not your name or contact information. All information you submit will be used only for planning purposes and will be kept strictly confidential.

Name Our Parksville Sidha Village

There is a possibility that because we are at the very beginning of the project, the developers may allow us the chance to name our own subdivsion. If you would like to offer some suggestions for a good name, please send them along with your reply and we will submit them at the appropriate time.

Jai Guru Dev

Paul Colver
Minister of Architecture, Global Country of World Peace, Canada
Phone 250-954-5589
This email is for informational purposes only and not an offering for sale. An offering may only be made by Disclosure Statement and/or Prospectus.

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