Friday, July 03, 2009

Transcendental Meditation Spa More Costly than Carribbean Cruise!

UPDATE: Bumped from June 20, 2009. I redacted the post below to attempt to meet the demands of Jim Nemmers, Esq., of Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.L.C., who claims to represent the Maharishi Foundation Ltd., England. He states that MFL owns the copyright to the email and the service marks and trademarks in the email below.

(Interestingly, a little sweat applied to a Google search box reveals that MFL appears to be a nonprofit corporation dormant for 10 years — without assets, without any mention of intellectual property assets.)

I believe my original post met the requirements for a Fair Use exception to copyright laws, being news, information, criticism, educational, and parodic, as well as being for a non-commercial purpose. In fact, I thought the full post served the TM Org well by providing the entire context of their email so readers could make their own informed opinions about the material presented.

I've got to wonder why Jim and his client MFL are scared of us publishing their own, exact words in full context. Especially when these emails are typically accompanied by requests to share them with any interested parties.

This is a temporary response to Jim's demands, as I research with our advisers how copyright and intellectual property rights apply to this situation.

Of course, you can't get enlightened on a Carribbean cruise.

Oh, wait. You can't get enlightened on any TM Org course either.

My bad.

Thanks to our anonymous TMFB reader who shares so much about current TM Org programs.

Provided for discussion purposes only. We urge all readers to exercise caution before engaging in any TM Org&endash;sponsored activity!

Dear John,

10 days of treatment regularly cost $7324! Both my husband and I have gone on holidays together in the Carribbean during our winter that cost us less for the
both of us!

From: National Office of Communication Date: June 19, 2009 11:28:27 AM MDT
To: <Xxxxx>

Subject: Discover the new Lancaster Ayurveda Health Center Reply-To:

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With warm regards from Lancaster,

Your Maharishi Ayurveda Team

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xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. xxx-xxx-xxxx (xxxx-xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx), xxx-xxx-xxxx. xxx: xxx-xxx-xxxx |

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends and family.

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