Monday, July 13, 2009

Transcendental Meditation Pundits Riot in Vedic City?

This news item comes from the "Fairfield Life" Yahoo group, a post by group moderator Rick Archer:

Recent incident in Vedic City. Incoming groups of pundits try to smuggle in betel leaf and tobacco for existing pundits, but the TMO is hip to them, so they search their luggage before leaving India and on arrival. This time, during the on-arrival search, the existing pundits saw what was going on, and feeling rather desperate because their supplies are running low, started throwing rocks, hitting some of the people searching the luggage, breaking windows, and also overturning tables. The main instigators were sent back to India.

The Vedic Pundit program pays young males from India to perform rituals and chant Vedic scriptures while living in Maharishi Vedic City, the Transcendental Meditation movement's suburb of Fairfield, Iowa. The movement alleges that these rituals somehow provide a peaceful influence to the surrounding community and are part of their so-called "program" to bring about world peace by Vedic means.

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