Thursday, July 02, 2009

Transcendental Meditation Vastu Coordinator Training

Our anonymous TMFB reader is on a roll! A forwarded email announces yet another program is being rolled out by TM Central in the US.

Hasn't it always been your secret desire to learn how to put south entrances on your home or office — thus blocking those sneaky Rakshasas from slipping into your home unannounced? ("Rakshasas" are a kind of Hindu demon, of which fundamentalist TMers are desperately frightened. No lie!)

The goal of this seminar is to provide more Fortune-Creating® homes to our worldwide family, to activate the promotion of Fortune-Creating Vastu projects in each country, and to help with Maharishi VastuSM consultations on the local level.

I just can't take any spiritual tradition seriously that hides their lack of content behind trademarks and service marks.

Great spiritual leaders and traditions have not needed legal protection throughout human history. And those guys Jesus ChristSM and Buddha® did pretty well for themselves — and humanity — without resorting to lawyers.

The Bible: The best-selling book of all time. Never copyrighted. Same for The Qu'ran. The Tripitaka. The Bhagavad Gita. [Insert your favorite spiritual classic here.]

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