Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Flying Fraud

Betty and Anomalous have made a significant contribution to TM criticism (perhaps a new genre similar to literary criticism). I think it is of tremendous importance that we first and foremost do not live in the past. HOWEVER, it is paramount that we do not forget the past because it is the foundation of right now and right now is the foundation of the future. I think we must make every effort right now to remember what Mahesh said when he beguiled us into his web of deceit and then how he changed his story to prop up his failing fantasy life.


Rocky said, “the wacky marketing schemes dreamed up by the TMO, said it was.”

Betty said, You are mistaken. I knew people who sat with MMY on the early flying courses. He asked them if they were afraid to actually fly and blamed them and not his teaching for the fact they were not floating in the air. We were told point blank in 1977 that we would learn to fly on these course, not hop. If we weren't successful at flying, the least that we would get was perfect health. The flagrant lies did not stop until the movement was sued for fraud. Maharishi is directly responsible for these lies, not some wacky TM teachers.

Anomalous said: Thanks Betty. This is the first response I have elicited on this forum which says what needs to be said about the ertswhile flying bullshit. I am glad you were there and know just what the facts are about this fraud. One wonders if the naive Westerners should also be charged with negligent stupidity. Perhaps they are also culpable for Mahesh's fraud in that they begged for it and refuse, even now, to see fraud for what it is, since he's so holy'n'shit. I have asked many times, to no avail, if there is any record of the Meshuganishi actually flying, but I never get even an acknowledgement of the query, let alone an answer. He never levitated. You know it. Then, they say that was never the point or something like that. Western suckers!

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