Friday, September 25, 2009

What is liberation? What is enlightenment?

On 09.25.09 - 4:17 pm | [], kapop wrote:

… what is liberation to you? What is enlightenment to you? Is there a difference? How will you know when you have become "liberated" or "enlightened?" What will signify to you that you've "made it?"

Do you have views of these that are not confined to what the TMO promotes? Are there "necessary" steps for them? If there are, whose steps do you follow and why?

Do you think MMY was enlightened or liberated? If yes, what makes you think so? Who do you see as an "authority" on enlightenment/ liberation? MMY? Anyone else?

Are siddhis an element or characteristic of one who is enlightened/liberated? Can one be enlightened/liberated and not manifest siddhis.

What is liberation TO YOU? What do YOU think it’s all about? Can you tells us what your grounds for thinking this are all about? Can you tell us about any “liberation” experiences you might have had or actually have right now? Can you tell us how this fits with your daily life and the lives of others (not precisely the same thing)? How does your experience of liberation or enlightenment fit with what the TMO taught, what Mahesh taught, what Guru Dev taught (if you have read Paul’s books)?

Curious minds want to know, so let’s hear it. – Thanks, kapop for sharing your great idea.

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