Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kingdom of the Cults: Transcendental Meditation

Wide Eye Cinema presents an online semi-sensationalistic expose' film about Transcendental Meditation, from a fundamentalist Christian perspective.

The film clearly details the TM Movement's deceptive sales pitch, the Hinduesque nature of TM's teachings and lifestyles, and the pseudo-science.

These filmmakers are additionally concerned that TM would lure TM followers away from Bibilical teachings, and from walking with the Lord Jesus as savior.

The film includes interviews with a faculty member from Maharishi International University (now called Maharishi University of Management), and a Baptist minister who claims to be an "expert on Transcendental Meditation."

The MIU faculty member presents the case for the "structure and integration of knowledge and consciousness", through the "Unified Field", using TM's elaborate "scientific" charts. The faculty member appears as a brainwashed drone with his standard, calm, presentation of memorized statements - statements that we were all taught to say.

The Baptist Minister states that TM is an "evil cult which opens one for demonic influences."

One local interviewee articulately describes his experience of TM, the pull of the TM movement and the ensuing destructive family dynamics. He also explains how his wife, after quitting TM, had the common experience of the mantra continuing to come into her mind against her wishes. This interviewee finally felt free of TM when he accepted the Lord as his savior.

You may view the film here, about one hour long : Kingdom of the Cults: Transcendental Meditation

(personal note: listening to MIU's faculty presentation, I find it embarrassing that I'd ever partially believed the TM fantasy, even though I was raised within "The Movement" and had refused to attend MIU or TTC.)

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