Sunday, January 17, 2010

ABC Nightline special on Transcendental Meditation and Vedic City

ABC's Nightline of 1/16/2010 provided a promotional introduction to Iowa's Vedic City and Transcendental Meditation.

To preview ABC's nightline about Transcendental Meditation, click here. Feel free to add your comments to Nightline's preview.

Sometime after Sunday, 1/17/2010, the Nightline website should have an available transcript of the actual show; we will link the show here when it becomes available.

From the Nightline preview, it looks like a puff piece of promotion for TM and the Ideal Vedic Lifestyle (eye roll) as reporters interviewed influential Vedic City residents. It will be interesting to see if they dug deep enough to learn that Vedic City is one outpost of Maharishi's "Global Country of World Peace," with it's own Vedic currency, the Raam, the ministry of Rajas which govern the "Global Country of World Peace" from their positions of profound silence, or if they interviewed anyone who left the organization after having become disillusioned, or having experienced or observed negative effects from prolonged rounding.

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