Sunday, January 17, 2010

Transcendental Meditation's "King" has a royal family - Maharaja Nader Raam with wife and children

Frequent TMFree contributor, Bjarne Hansen shared this:

Just home from a lovely holiday in India and not updated ....have You guys shared the great news of normality?


From Raja Hagelin:

In a beautiful, tender moment following our Gita Study today, Maharaja-ji quietly shared the following.... See More

He announced that, with Maharishi's blessing, he had gotten married some eight years ago, and has two beautiful daughters, age 5-1/2 and 3-1/2. Maharishi had requested him to, for the children's sake, maintain the privacy of his family until the oldest was old enough to begin school. That time has come, and Maharaja therefore felt it was proper to share this news with his family of Rajas and Ministers and global leadership.

Maharishi had told him that, in the tradition of rulership, having the support of a Royal Family brought stability and strength to the Kingdom. Of course, as was obvious to all--and as Maharaja himself emphasized--nothing has changed, or would change, in his Administration, and his continued one-pointed focus on the fulfillment of Maharishi's global legacy: bringing Total Knowledge--Raam Raj--to the world, while focusing on his own deep silence and realization of the supreme goal of Brahmi Chetana.

Many were surprised, including me, but the atmosphere was most festive and joyous.

Jai Guru Dev

Raja John (Hagelin)

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