Tuesday, March 02, 2010

If You Do Transcendental Meditation Will You Look Like This?

Tucked into a Maharishi University of Management newsletter, Achievements, is the announcement:

More students at Maharishi University of Management are planning to become teachers of the Transcendental Meditation® technique inspired partly by an increasing demand for teachers to teach at-risk children in schools around the world. [Emphasis added.]

Fortunately, they included pictures of what your children might grow up to look like.

Parents: Fair warning! You might want to ask the kids to leave the room—so you don't scare 'em!

Brandy C. Lee-Jacob, Ph.D. student in Maharishi Vedic Science. You'll note that women are encouraged to wear bright colors, especially red, in the TM Org.

It's considered more feminine, Vedically speaking.

Puki Freeberg, MUM alumna and Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. Puki is modeling an Indian sari, traditional female garb in India.

No lifestyle changes here!

Dr. Fred Travis, Chair of the Department of Maharishi Vedic Science. Sporting a "scientific" lab coat, Fred looks the picture of Vedic health.

Note to TM Marketer$: Guy could use a good spray-on tan!

Bobby Roth, Vice President of the David Lynch Foundation, and Head of Public Relations for TM Org for decades, explaining why TM costs money to learn. Bobby has endless YouTube videos that explain why TM is not a religion, how it changes the brain, and why you can't learn TM from a book.

Helpful stuff! Only viewed by a handful of people on the entire planet.

"Do," aka Marshall Applewhite, spiritual leader of Heaven's Gate suicide "religion," explaining why you should be "initiated." Shortly after this video was shot, White and 38 members committed mass suicide.

I just included him for comparison purposes.

Notice the eyes on all of these johnnies!


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