Sunday, March 14, 2010

UPDATE: Comments Still Down

Our comments suddenly disappeared from our main page Wednesday afternoon, despite functioning for months.

This was not due to any action by me or other editors at TM-Free Blog.

I have been attempting to work with JS-Kit since approximately 5 pm Wednesday to restore the comments link—and easy access to posting and reading comments.

Unfortunately, JS-Kit is notorious for a poor product, virtually no documentation, and extremely poor customer service.

As of this writing they have done nothing from their side to fix the situation—or even explain what has happened.

From my side, I have restored a number of "templates" that worked perfectly for months, but simply do not work anymore. I also am exporting comments and archiving them in several places in case the comments totally disappear.

Unfortunately, some readers have speculated that this is an attempt to censor comments. If this were the case, I would have simply deleted the "Recent Comments" block in the right-hand sidebar so that no access whatsoever to the comments were possible.

Of course, this has not happened.

There still is limited access to comments available through the "Recent Comments" sidebar.

In addition, those of you who have a JS-Kit account, which many of you have signed up for by registering a name associated with your TMFB comments, have additional access to your comments. Either point your browser to , login, and then go to your "dashboard"; or more simply click on your name in any comment that you have made, then "view details," and you should have access to your JS-Kit account.

Because JS-Kit has simply not responded meaningfully in 4 days, I am working diligently with both Intense Debate and Disqus in an attempt to simply replace JS-Kit with a system that actually works.

In addition, there is the possibility that there has been a security breach either with Blogger or JS-Kit. I say this because admin settings changed several times in the days just prior to our comment links disappearing—sometimes denying me access totally to my JS-Kit account. Currently, I have no direct access to my own comments.

JS-Kit has not offered any explanation whatsoever about this situation either—despite my many inquiries.

My deepest apologies to all readers for this inconvenience. I join with commenter "alex" and several email correspondents who wonder about the coincidence that this situation arose shortly after Dr. Travis generously joined us here to discuss his research.

(Strangely, it happened just hours after I invited TM researchers and representatives to join the discussion. Additionally, my post in which I issue the invitation, has been edited by someone!)

There is not too much I can say about this coincidence other than that it was not done from anyone at TMFB.

I am the only admin of both the blog and the commenting system.



Gina said...

Thank you, John, for your diligent work on the admin side of this site! A sometimes thankless volunteer pursuit!

As I'd emailed you privately, I comoderated another online cult recovery group (not TM related). That group contines to be harrassed from the cult in discussion. Also Yahoo! had removed a large number of noncopyrighted documents, without contacting the group moderators, because the cult's attorney threatened Yahoo!

The cult expose' site has been attacked a number of times by cult sponsored Internet hackers, interfering w access to Rick Ross' message board and other aspects of his site. I believe it took over a year for Ross' site to be straightened out.

Since TMFree blog operates without overhead and without income (the few pennies that come in are used to keep trancenet open), using readily available public blog and comments programs, this site might be easy to hack.

The good news of this : TMFree's open discourse threatens the cult mind control of the TBs in the TMO.

Please, readers, don't give up! Keep your comments coming! Your shared insight helps many others, as well as yourselves. And maybe you'll make some interesting new friends as a result of participating here - we certainly have!

g :)

Anonymous said...

I wont give up, please put on new articles.
So it is possible that some one from the Tm organisation hacked this site ?
the discussion with "dear Fred" was to good i suppose!
So "someone" is very afraid of us, ex teachers!
Why ? maybe because we are telling the truth, dont you think so ?
Why should people lie about their experience of Tm and advanced techniques and rounding?
Every one who left, had a difficult time (more or less), stapping out of this organisation.
You felt "safe" under Maharishi guidance, being part of a big organisation, but..... at one time every one experienced ofrfound out that something is really wrong with his techniques!

Anonymous said...

ps. The only way we can be a treath is that when they have doubts themselves!!!!!!!!
If "someone" is reading this, an advise... dont read our comments!
ust keep on believing in "SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING".

Anonymous said...

pss. THis is fun. We just talk about truth about TM, our and others experiencing it, and have big ??? about story s told by Maha, the organisation, and "scientific research"
I have another news. by practicing TM , using the sacred Shiva mantra, you destroy your bio energetic system, and it is hard to recover from it. That s why people get nuts (so called unstressing), and all kind of other fysical and mental problems.
If you don t have a healthy bio energetic body, system you get weeker and weeker.
You leak! How many vitamins, minerals and herbs etc. you take, as long as you are leak... it all flows out of your body.
P.s. Just dont read it if it is frightening for you.

Anonymous said...

psss. and if it is frightening to you, ... there must be something inside of you, that is already doubting!
this is typically cult behaviour.
Believing is such a good, safe feeling. But where does it bring you ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, John you are doing a great job.
I Will find out what harm tm does to one selves.
talking on this blog helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

When I still lived in Holland, very close to Vlodrop, I was a big treath to the organisation.
They watched me! They were posted at my house, and no I am and wasn t paranoide!
Now, no one knows were I live and who I am.
and no I am still not paranoid!

Anonymous said...

the hacking and so on the internet is organized internet crime! How scared will they be! iT IS REALLY PATHETIC
So, now I stop commenting, who followes ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, still one question, did this ever happen before.
If not, we are a real threat by now!
Please can some one tell me why?
Alex and no jai guru dev

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