Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gina creates her own blog "Coming To Life"

Hi Gang,

Many of TMFree readers follow John Knapp or Mike Doughney on their various websites and blogs.
Just letting you know that I've begun a personal blog, in addition to TMFree activism.
Posts may be erratic, depending upon time conflicts. I'm planning on at least one post weekly, hopefully more.
Please accept an open invitation to explore another site sometimes related to TMFree Blog conversation.

Coming To Life will be a story telling compliment to TMFree Blog.

"Stories for all who've lost their rose colored glasses, been ground to ashes, and arose stronger, with clearer vision to stand in their personal truth. As an inspirational woman once taught me, "to stand in the ambiguity." This blog will include stories related to an upbringing and family life with cult dynamic of the Transcendental Meditation Movement, birth stories loosely based upon my career as a Nurse-Midwife, along with others' stories of renewal and birth. Characters will be composite mosaics. Any similarity to actual products, or persons either living or dead, is purely coincidental, unless specifically stated otherwise. Any coincidental likeness and or words are not real."

Happy Spring! The season of rebirth!


Seeker said...

Congrats Gina!!! It looks great and your welcome article at the blog is beautifully written. Looking forward to more.

Bjarne said...


Anonymous said...

很用心的blog,推推哦 ........................................

Laurie said...

Congratulations, Gina!  I just read your first post.  It is tenderly and beautifully written.  Good luck with your new blog. 

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