Monday, May 24, 2010

Deep breathing, no mantra, metabolic and neuro benefits

Without a magical mantra, nor mystical puja to empower said mantra, apparently rhythmic breathing for 20 minutes causes beneficial metabolic and neurologic changes - and no risk of cult recruitment!

Coherence and The New Science of Breath

Does anyone know if these folks are TM-spinoffs? Parts of this website look suspicious, but I don't have time to research this group.

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Sudarsha said...

Thanks for finding this, Gina. ------- I spent a little time Googling the yogi (Yogi Ramacharaka). His books are available at Alibris, but it was the Wiki page that was surprising.

Co-ordinating the breath and heart rhythm isn't easy, so, when I get more time, I am interested to see how these folks teach something a little less than natural.

Some of the promotion looks TM-ish; the notion of a breath related meditation method seems kind of SSRS-ish and a revival of a 19th century author and idea seems a little strange, but that isn't necessarily a reason to discount the whole idea. I suspect we've all had a lot of growing up through our experiences with getting sucked in by the Mahesh bait-and-switch method, so we can probably be a lot more open and discerning here.

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