Friday, May 14, 2010

TMFree blog history, an Ode to CyberFriendships

Sudarsha, as "Martin" on Rick Ross' message board was the catalyst to bring together the original TMFree moderators.

John Knapp had the cyber acumen and foresight to bring our conversations public.

Using TMFree history as example, this essay (written by me) encourages all to consider accessing online recovery forums CyberVoices Unite!

For those who participate here and elsewhere, you may find interesting twists and healing!

And if you don't want to visit my link above, no problem. But you might get a kick out of early TMdaze anecdotal stories, the inital friendship between Sudarsha and me, on Rick Ross' forum Mahesh and Money


Sudarsha said...


Great big smile. Thanks, Gina. But I just made some introductions and the great minds (not mine) pooled their resources.

My stories are old and a tad tatty, now. Few are around who remember the pre-'sidhi' daze of mega rounding and bizarre results. Pretty much, the cost of TM weeded out many who might otherwise gone on TTC and freaked out. And, of course, the little git thought he had it all neatly packaged so the big TTC's were no longer necessary. Of course, initiations plummetted almost immediately the 'sidhi' idiocy came on the market.

The 'sidhi' program, for those who do as they are told, is like rounding, but, apparently not as disasterous.

I was writing a response to Tanemon, Karina and Darth on the David Wants to Fly thread, but maybe will hold back until John gets the new software in operation.

OK, back to Gina's great post on her Blog: We here at TM-Free owe Gina a hugh, as in <span>HUGE</span> dept of gratitude for her inspiration, insight, kindness, especially her kindness, and the fact that she is such a grand motivator.

I used to see TM as a dumb mistake, a life lesson, one of those pitfalls that basically shapes the flow of life ... but thanks to Gina, I have been able to take a much deeper, much more personal look at myself, my motivations, my involvement in TM from a much different perspective.

Hats, Burger King Crowns (later, we'll grind them into plowshares) and other assorted head geat off to Gina!


Gina said...

Sudarsha, you brought the initial group together.  That courage deserves recognition.
Yes, you brought together some amazing minds.. who've been quiet of late (John?  Joseppi?  Mike? Ruth? Laurie?)

Awww! .. let's have a party, with Burger King Crowns.
Oh, we should invite David Sieveking too!  Looking forward to seeing that movie one of these days, to form my own opinion.
Thanks, Sud', and the rest of you!

g :)

Sudarsha said...

:) Oh, definitely let's invite David.

I ran across a great comic today: ( that just says it all - this is precisely how Organized Maheshism goes about making sure there is no negative evidence. Yes, the idiots who spent a million dollars to parade around in Burger King hats are just a tiny bit more subtle than the bear, but not much that you'd notice.

In a way, Mahesh priced many out of being able to get into TM and the dungeon of 'sidhi' desensitisation and dissonant programming. That was one of Mahesh's great gifts to humanity! For those who have become enmeshed in the mindset of dysfunctional Maheshthink, they merit our compassion.

Now, let's beat those silly Burger King hats into plowshares and party.

Here's a toast to my all my friends at TM-Free. :-D

And a toast to David Sieveking who saw clearly and had the grace to show us. :-D

lex said...

Well I read the whole thread and it was very illuminating. Thank you Sudarsha and Gina. I have a question for Sudharsha; it was often said that M only slept about two hours a night because he was working constantly, do you know if there was any truth to this?

ed said...

Well, i couldn't resist rising from the grave after reading this mush.

It seems that CONGRATULATIONS go to all those that got together
to form groups of whiners and complainers blaming Maharishi and
others for their lack of being personal responsible.

Did TM hurt people?
IMO, not as much as people's fundamental foolishness.


Now that you all slapped each other on the back, presented
Awards and gave teary eye speechs - WHAT'S NEXT?

Maharishi is a very, very baaaaad man ;)
TM is a ripoff.
ed is a cosmic level pompous condescending jerk (close....).

What do you propose ?
What other Pajama Clad wonder worker should we follow?
What other Ancient Texts should we review, interpret and practice?
Hmmmm - decisions, decisions.

Lets form more Blogs and restate our positions ad nauseum?
Lets stick together  even MORE tightly and mock those that question
our endless facination with our own foolishness?

Many on this forum CHOOSE to stay lost and constantly pick
on wounds trying to heal.

I _know_ for sure that there is no "answer" and no one to follow.
Very simple.

You all can choose to whine and walk in circles for the rest of (apparent) time.
Say what you will about me. It's all true except for a few things.
You will not see me walking any Ancient (nad Holy) Path to nowhere.
I will not blame anyone for my lack of inteligence and ability to choose wisely.
I know that TM was a major mistake for me but it is in the past - gone - done.

Betty said...

Something gives me the idea that ed is about 5' 2" tall and weighs about 135. ;)

Sudarsha said...

Hi, Lex

That's what I observed during the 2+ years I spend with him on a daily basis. He'd speak in the lecture hall, sometimes until maybe 10 or 11 then he'd go (usually) to his private room (almost, but not always followed by a parade of women in long dresses) and work there until maybe 3 or 4! and be back in the lecture hall or wherever the staff was meeting at 7 demanding to get started. One of the skin boys said, on one such occasion, that he'd been up since 5.

Just what went on in his room at night seems to have varied with who talked about it, what was going on business-wise and so forth.

While I find Mahesh to have been a very difficult individual, quite different from the public face so many thought they knew, I cannot fault Mahesh when it comes to working hard. He worked nearly ceaselessly. I just wish that his work-ethic had involved something saner and more sensible than his peculiar twist on Hinduism and reality.

Feynmanfan said...

I suppose it is all a mixed bag, isn't it Ed?

No doubt people come here for a whole host of reasons, some of which have to do with venting and vilifying. OK, I can see where this sort of thing can get out of hand and actually stand in the way of recovery if taken too far. But short of that I would argue that venting is not necessarily a bad thing and can even be a lot of fun!

By and large I find the posts on this blog to be very well thought out and full of insight that can help others recover from this cult.

Each person who logs into this blog does so for their own reasons. What is yours?

paulrio said...

To Ed: "groups of whiners and complainers blaming Maharishi"
This may be true to some extent, but I think that Maha and the TMO have a serious credibility problem. What has happened to all the money that the TMO has absorbed over several decades? When I mention the TM prices people are appalled.
I do not condemn the TM technique per se, but I have serious doubts about the TMO, and the leaders. Meditation techniques that cost as much as a used car or more? Add to this the costs of those herbal supplements, yagyas, ayervedic gems, etc., is there no end?

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