Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open Thread for Our Readers

You, our reader, make TM-Free Blog the great resource it's become over the years.

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John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

I for one would be most interested to know what is happening in the upper echelons of the TMO these days.

Have they been endeavoring to duplicate the grand plans and pronouncements that Mahesh would concoct on a regular basis? If not, how are they gonna keep em down on the farm after they've seen Paree?

It seems to me that imparting "new knowledge" and launching grandiose initiatives was something that Mahesh did to keep the faithful inspired year after year. Now that he has gone on the the great snake-oil stand in the sky, who is in charge of coming up with new initiatives? Assuming they exist, what initiatives have been put forth and how successful have they been?

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

I have wondered the same. I also wonder about power struggles - who is calling the shots, is India at odds with Hegelin and MUM or "International", or whomever is running things in the West. Does anybody give a fuck what the great, the holy, the most amazing, all bow down to his Holiness the fool King has to say?

And why has the course fee been coming down here in the US? Have the powers that be quietly believed all along that Maharishi was off his rocker all these years trying to sell TM for $3000 a pop? Does the TM org contend that democracy is an evil form of government? If not, why not, could the great seer have been wrong about that? Start admitting that he was wrong about ANYTHING and you'll have a can of worms on your hands . . .

And what's it like in the inner core? - surely there are some relatively rational/scientific types who want to move the TMO away from as much woo woo as possible and get back to trying to convince the world that TM has a demonstrable scientific basis? You think? I'd really like to know.

As for new initiatives, remember back a few years, mid-decade, when Maharishi decided that all TM teachers had to be re-certified and the rest would be out, and then only a very tiny percentage came for the recertification course . . well Maharishi was BITTERLY disappointed at how few came. I think he had grown way out of touch and had no idea how many had left the movement or were otherwise disinterested enough to vote 'no' with their feet.

They seem to be getting some mileage now out of the Lynch connection and from the benefit concert but when that peters out it will be interesting.

Please, someone who has the scoop on all this please post, nobody will know who you are.

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

I. too, am very curious. I would love to comunicate w/a TM insider, esp. one who knew His Enormity B. Morris and Hagelin.
Did these TM leaders never ponder how all that money was spent, or why TM is/was so expensive? I could never suggest TM to anyone even that the price has been reduced from $2500 to a "reasonable" $1500! What would a sociologist say about the tmers in Fairfield? Can we imagine tmers walking to the domes and chanting "the money just comes to me", to pay the expensive fees? Has anyone here socialized W/any of the TM big shots, and learned any secret info?

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