Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Thread on Old Transcendental Meditation Courses

In the comments, Deborah1900 asked about starting a thread about recollections of long ago courses.

Any memories you care to share of past Transcendental Meditation Courses would be most welcome!

If you have a topic or article you would like us to post on the blog page, just email me at



P.S. I'm going to reduce the open threads to once every 5 days. It appears there are too many open threads right now as some are garnering no posts. If that frequency is too much or too little, we can adjust it again. Any input welcome.

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John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

Here's one memory: in Mallorca someone asked MMY if a person in CC would continue to have a sexual life. MMY did all he could to avoid a direct reply but finally said, by way of analogy, 'When one is a child; one is dewoted to toys'.

Makes me laugh to recall that; in light of recent revelations about his own sex life at the time.

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