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John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

Recently has posted regarding poet/philosophers Emerson and Thoreau. Craig Person's post however amounts to a mindless sanctification of these two poets. Both had serious errors in judgment. For example both advocated and supported the abolitionist John Brown who killed an innocent man in a murderous raid Harpers Ferry in 1859. Also in 1856 in the Pottawatomie Massacre he led a raid that killed seven innocent settlers in Kansas. Thoreau wrote a famous essay "A Plea for Captain John Brown" to defend Brown. The poets claim that natural law supported John Brown because his cause (abolition) was just; the law however imprisoned and hanged him as a terrorist. Craig Person claims that the transcendental experiences of Emerson and Thoreau made them into saints. Would saints advocate killing without provocation? Is transcendental experience adequate for moral development? Or as the Buddhists suggest should certain ethical vows and moral promises be consciously accepted first for spiritual life to develop? Is transcending enough?

John M. Knapp, LMSW said... I wasn't aware of its existence, until now.

I popped over there and was quite interested to see a video of a press conference held in 1971 that featured Mahesh and Buckminster Fuller. What a coup for Mahesh it must have been to be lavished with praise by one of the greatest minds (in my estimation) of the 20th century.

I must admit it was a bit uncomfortable for me to see Bucky appear to have been taken in by Mahesh's bag of metaphysical mumbo jumbo. It was equally disconcerting to witness how skilled Mahesh was at capitalizing on Fuller's general comments as an endorsement of TM and the "science of creative intelligence". At least, this is how it appeared to me.

I would be interested in hearing Sudarsha's take on this encounter as he has witnessed Mahesh's manipulations first-hand.

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

Hi, Feynman

Well, I was there and well-recall how impressive Dr. Fuller was. But, sad, now to say, I was also engulfed in my own miasma of TM-true-believership so didn’t see what you saw, or rather, seeing what you saw, I chose to believe I saw something different.

I saw exactly what I was supposed to see: Mahesh triumphing with his marvelous insights and being recognized for what I knew he was, a sort of spiritual superman.

Remembering what it was like to be deluded is, … well, sometimes disconcerting and sometimes liberating.

More than once I watched Mahesh literally charm people in that supposed way “saints” were supposed to be able to charm the birds from the trees. It was awe inspiring, then. Now, of course, we see politicians do the same thing; financial “wizards” do the same thing (to the destruction of so many), and on and on.

But then, WOW! Mahesh was d’bomb!!!! But, as I said, now I can see how deluded I was and by my own poorly understood infatuation with what I imagined was the case.

I wish I could have seen then as you see now.

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

I have been told before that Maharishi chose to build the geodesic-like domes in an effort to sway Bucky Fuller, is there any truth to this?

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