Monday, January 03, 2011

"David Wants to Fly" in USA

For those who’ve been awaiting North American showings of Sieveking’ compassionate expose’ as he journeys through Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation Movement, his film is featured in upcoming film festivals in Palm Springs, San Francisco, Denver and Boston :

Palm Springs : Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 7th, 11 am, January 10th 7 pm and January 12th 10 am, ticket purchase here.

Denver : Festivus Film Festival : January 15th 8 pm, Oriental Theater, ticket purchase here.

San Francisco: German Gems Film Festival, January 16th, 4 pm Castro Theater
ticket purchase here.

Boston: The DocYard, March 15th 7 pm, Brattle Theatre in Cambridge.
Tickets will soon be available here.

“David Wants to Fly” received awards from film festivals throughout Europe.

In this film, the aspiring filmmaker documents his initial enthrall with his idol, filmmaker David Lynch. Taking Lynch’s advice to learn Transcendental Meditation to free his inner creativity, Sieveking was briefly brought under Lynch’s wing to film the international glory of the TM Movement. Instead, Sieveking found a mystical hierarchy, unstructured science, and questionable finances.

As Sieveking told me, “I was kicked out the Movement before I had fully joined! Once I started asking questions, they wouldn’t allow me on further courses and refused to answer my phone calls.”

In this film, Sieveking humorously and compassionately calls out the elephant in the room - the behemoth TM Movement.

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John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

I have been meditating (not done siddhis) for some 35 years. No interest in the movement apart from the odd retreat now and again. At best I have always considered them misguided. Or an embarrasment. Nevertheless, I have to say, while I accept much of what is being reported here, my actual experience of TM is that it is wonderful. It's benefits are very real - I meditate and generally feel great - couldn't be clearer to me that the technique works in a way that no other meditation I've tried (I did a thesis in meditation techniques while at art school) does. The way to change the TM organisation is for sincere meditators to be open in their criticism - but to point out the reality of the technique which is that it is a very special thing that has great benefit if practiced regularly.

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