Friday, November 09, 2012

TM Super-Radiance to direct Politics (!)

This post does not endorse, nor criticize any politician nor government policies.
This post highlights the TM Movement's emphasis on group Program to address public issues.
The following images are not copyrighted, so TMFree can display them in full.

Anyone from the TM Movement (past or present) can vouch for community pressure to attend group Program ~ 4-8 hours of gender-segregated daily ritual in an enclosed space lined with white padded foam, preferably inside designated large wooden gold-roofed domes.

Program consists of a few minutes of yoga, followed by hyperventilating breathing exercises, meditation and other mental techniques for mystical powers such as invincibility, strength, friendliness, compassion and levitation.

Program promises a path to enlightenment with an elite spiritual group. Program will supposedly save the world, create peace, ideal weather, economic stability, happiness and even guide elections to maximize "the support of nature."

On the above poster, "Ideal Community Group" thanks Dome Program participants for their work to sway the election. "The Ideal Community Group", founded by TM leaders Bevan Morris and John Hagelin, "is dedicated to inspiring Transcendental Meditation practitioners and Yogic Flyers to visit the town and its neighbor, Maharishi Vedic City - and to join the Invincible America Assembly."

The "Thank you message" above credits Program for America's recent smooth re-election of President Barack Obama. If group meditations do carry a national and global influence, one wonders why Hurricane / Storm Sandy occurred despite the regular practice of Program. Program failed to prevent Sandy's devastation to America's eastern seaboard and the Caribbean.  (Oops! My bad for seeking logic in non-logic.)

Fairfield's TM Community has been overwhelming pro-Obama since  Obama campaigned in Fairfield for the 2007 caucus, speaking publicly with his podium facing the cult-valued Eastern direction, his meeting with TM-mayor, Ed Malloy, and interview on Dennis Raimondi's radio show, "Speaking Freely with Dennis". Dennis' interview with Senator Obama can be watched on video link here. (By the way, Hilary Clinton refused to campaign in the guru-dictated fray of Jefferson County Iowa).

Before the recent election, the TM Movement flattered their devout's spiritual power by encouraging group Program before the national election. The poster below uses cult loaded language "to create coherence in the national consciousness", with a meditator flanked by the American flag and the flag for Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, even promising attendance prizes. The lure of prizes confirms my knowledge that TM's faithful are straying. There is diminishing interest in Dome participation. Perhaps desperation has led to new methods, flattery rather than guilty obligation to encourage Program attendance?

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