Friday, January 04, 2013

Don't look for Neil Young at the next Lynch concert

Tonight I put on the latest Neil Young and Crazyhorse album entitled : Psychedelic Pill
It's a great album for those Neil Young and "Horse" fans who know what to expect. (I'm one of those, so I loved it. Needs to be played loud though and preferably on all-analog gear.)

The first track is called "Drifting Back" and it's nearly 28 minutes long! The little sub-text under the song title says "Things that bother you fade away..."

Next thing I know I'm hearing these lyrics:
Here's how I got my mantra
Gave them 35 bucks now
Gave it to the Maharishi
It went to the Organization
Excuse my religion
Neil's a different kind of cat for sure but I think this means we won't be seeing him at any Lynch concert/benefits anytime soon. Neil always struck me as someone who could spot bullshit a mile away. (Wish I could say the same thing about myself in those TM daze....)

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