Monday, January 21, 2013

TM Sues Vedic Meditation

According to the Associated Press and ABC News, January 20th, 2013, a branch of the TM Movement filed a lawsuit against The Meditation House owned by life coach Jules Green for citing Transcendental Meditation research to promote an (identical) meditation method called "Vedic Meditation." Thom Knoles trained Jules Green to teach the Vedic Meditation promoted by her Meditation House.

See : Legal Fight over Calming Technique lacks Harmony

Vedic Meditation was founded by Thom Knoles after he left Maharishi's TM Movement. Thom Knoles follows Maharishi Mahesh's example as he self proclaims to be a maharishi (great seer) himself. Thom trains other teachers of Vedic Meditation who seem then to function independently. TMFree blog moderators do not know the arrangements between Thom and his Vedic Meditation teachers.

Thom's  organization sponsors Meditation groups, meetings, retreats, Teacher Training, Sidhi courses. Using a tested format, the Vedic Meditation organization gathers followers amongst the Hollywood and other (preferably wealthy) spiritual seekers.

As in other guru clashes with TM followers, the TM Organization warns devotees to choose sides carefully.

Excerpted from the Associated Press by Ryan Foley :

The sides are fighting for customers and to protect their own reputations in a federal court case over whether the foundation can enforce its trademark rights and claims of false advertising against Knoles and other teachers of his rival Vedic Meditation. With high stakes, the litigation over a technique that supporters say can reduce stress and blood pressure is getting tense.
To the foundation, Knoles and his followers are using the credibility and positive image associated with its technique to promote themselves and mislead customers. To Knoles' backers, the foundation is unfairly seeking a monopoly on a technique that's existed thousands of years.
"Once you've formally burned your bridges, however, I'm afraid there'll be nothing more I or anyone can do to help you," a foundation supporter wrote in 2011, advising a businessman to reconsider his commitment to Knoles, in an email included in court records.Supporters of transcendental meditation — which involves closing one's eyes twice daily for 20 minutes while silently thinking to reduce stress and promote health — are being warned to choose sides carefully.

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