Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inside Pandit Compound with Rekha Basu - Des Moines Register

This morning's Des Moines Register featured Rekha Basu's visit to Vedic City's Pandit Compound :

Read the full article and enlightening comments at :
Maharishi Vedic City: Inside the compound with Rekha Basu

Ms. Basu wrote an eloquent summary of the conditions of these young men.

She reported in such a way that insightful readers will question implications between the lines.
As she said in the above video "Decide for yourself".

Hopefully this report brought up enough questions that an external investigation will ensue.

TMFree hopes that investigators will fully evaluate the circumstances of this camp.
Where there is smoke, there is often fire.

Transparency is necessary.

One correction to the Register's article - TMFree is NOT Gina's blog.
TMFree is a co-moderated blog with several contributors listed in the right side bar. Mike Doughney "owns" the blog. (Thank you, Mike!)

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