Thursday, December 25, 2014

The missing Orange Booklet - do you have one?

Some time prior to 1972, people learning to be TM teachers received an orange-covered booklet from Maharishi during their studies.  This booklet apparently discussed in detail the puja, which is the Sanskrit ceremony performed by the TM teacher immediately before a person is instructed in TM.

A friend of TM-Free Blog is searching for a copy of this "orange booklet."  It would mean a lot to this person, and it would be very useful for the purpose of continuing to uncover the true story of Maharishi and TM for all of us.

Does anyone have a copy of this booklet, or even recall ever having seen it?  If you have one, would you be willing to lend it or a copy of it to our friend?  You will be reimbursed for postage and photocopying costs.

Thank you!

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