Sunday, January 04, 2015

Please share your experiences with Yagyas

Sometimes when I read TM-sponsored websites, I come across glowing testimonials of the marvelous results of Maharishi Yagyas.  These testimonials are so euphoric that I think they act to reinforce the hypnotic belief system of Maharishi.  Therefore, I think it would be therapeutic for those of us trying to recover from "Maheshism" (Maharishi's belief system) to get to hear the other side of the story - of all the times the yagyas failed to work.

Therefore, I am putting out a request to readers of TM-Free Blog who have purchased Maharishi Yagyas (or who know someone who has purchased them), where the results were disappointing.  Please tell us in the comments section as much as you feel comfortable sharing -- perhaps how much you paid, what they promised, what you requested, what results you got, and anything else that you are interested in writing about the experience.

Thank you! 

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