Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jerry's back! to "re-inspire" Transcendental Meditation devotees of old!

The following message comes from the Los Angeles area's Maharishi Invincibility Center
The message includes a link to "forward to a friend."
Thus, a TM Center chairperson forwarded the message to me. I, in turn, forward the message to TMFree blogspot.

Commentary: The name Jerry Jarvis means nothing in mainstream society. However, within the TM Movement Jerry Jarvis is legendary - he was once an inspirational leader in the TM Movement. Jerry was closely involved with Maharishi for decades; he appears in group photos as early as the Beatles days. Those who have been around the TM Movement since the hey dey remember Jerry well. Many readers have inquired what Jerry is up to these days. I only knew that he was living a quiet life in Bel Air California, and quietly devoted to Maharishi's spiritual vision of old.

Like most TM upper echelon, Jerry is independently wealthy. As John Knapp wrote in a previous post, cults "want as many rich and talented people as they can sink their hooks into."

Seems that Jerry is making a come back, to speak of the old daze. His reappearance is probably another attempt to reinspire the aging boomers that built the TM Movement in the 1960's and 1970's. Nostalgic reunions with old friends may serve to revive involvement into the TM Movement. Many of us once believed the early vision was sweet and inspiring! We believed we were infinitely blessed to be part of this noble group! Perhaps some retiring boomers would appreciate that re-inspiration at this time of life. I, for one, admit that I'll always miss that deemed-meaningful connection with my cult family and community. IMHO, it was social heroin - often feels great, but better to stay away.

Nostalgia, such as Paul McCartney, Mike Love and Ringo Starr working with David Lynch Foundation's "Change Begins Within" nostalgic TM fundraiser concert, may inspire commitment and donations from retired baby boomers who wish to support a noble vision.

Donovan is also trying for a come-back as TM-Maharishi devotional figure. Donovan's music is another nostalgic reminder of the TM Movement / cult early "inspiration."

BTW, while Donovan may evoke some inspirational sentiment of old, as does McCartney and the rest through DLF's concert,
Donovan's link depicts TM's International Vedic Council of Rajas - regimented elitist cultic control, twisted from naive idealism.

Interesting that Jerry Jarvis' "Knowledge talk," per the forwarded message below, will take place in the Santa Monica Public Library. As in past decades, when public libraries and classrooms were used for TM Introductory lectures, Jerry's nostalgic talk takes place in a mainstream acceptable venue with a benign presentation. The Donovan link shows what the benign presentation actually represents at the cult's highest levels.


The Los Angeles TM Program Presents

An Advanced Knowledge Seminar
with Jerry Jarvis

"Knowledge is based on experience, and Enlightenment is based on knowledge."
--Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Saturday, November 14
10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Santa Monica Main Public Library

Over the last five decades, particularly during the early years of the TM movement, Jerry Jarvis worked closely with Maharishi in the United States, India, and throughout the world.

Jerry has conducted many sessions on Maharishi's knowledge and those who have attended know what a valuable, inspiring, and enjoyable opportunity it presents.

Jerry will be speaking about various themes of Maharishi's Vedic knowledge.

The fee for this one day seminar with Jerry is $75
(when paid by the November 10 payment deadline / $85 after deadline).
This fee includes a catered vegetarian lunch!


* Payment should be submitted to the Beverly Hills TM Center by November 10. Please make checks in the amount of $75 payable to Patricia Young and mail to: 121 S. Wetherly Drive / Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

* Payments of $85 will be accepted at the event. Payments will be collected in the parking lot rather than inside the library. The Santa Monica Main Public Library has ample parking.

* The library address: 601 Santa Monica Blvd. / Santa Monica, CA. 90404

Any questions? Call Patricia / 310-855-9025.

We hope to see you at this special event!

Los Angeles Maharishi Invincibility Center
121 S. Wetherly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90211


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