Sunday, February 07, 2010

Deletion of one TMFree post and associated comments

At the request of a grieving family, one post and associated comments were deleted from TMFree blog.

On January 20, 2010, Gina posted an email onto TMFree that some Purusha members were planning a puja in memory of recently deceased Gordon Caldwell, nephew of George Harrison. The post included another public letter requesting prayers for the family and the deceased. The post was intended to inform those former TM-er readers who might have been associated with George or the family of the deceased. TMFree moderators did not comment upon the posted email, providing it as for obituary purposes for our readership.

Out of respect for the grieving family, Gina deleted the post on the day that the family made said request through a comment on the blog. We regret if we unintentionally added to the pain of a family in mourning. There has been no direct communication between the grieving family and TMF moderators.
John Knapp deleted the comments (John is the only person with access to deleting TMF comments).
We do not know how much time is required for said post or comments to disappear from google's cache.

We thought it best to inform our readers of such deletion, lest anyone become concerned about censorship.

If anyone chooses to comment to this post, please be respectful of a grieving family and their tragic loss.

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