Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"Karma Puja" a childhood initiation story

At Laurie's suggestion, here is the link to my childhood initiation story in the Olson's home Beverly Hills, CA, c. 1966.

Karma Puja by Gina Catena.


JB said...

In your recounting, after you were given the mantra weren't you told to sit and meditate for a few minutes right then and there?

My initiation was great!  That meditation did it, what exactly I'm not sure, but it was a change and I experienced transcendence.  I'm sure naysayers will say blab blab.  So be it.  And, I bet any technique would have done something also, its the genes.

Funny, I don't find all the "lies" so profound like you people.  Like, if they said your mantra is picked to match your physiology,  I was skeptical.  And when I learned it was by age, it made sense.  They come from the crazy thinking school such as believing in Astrology and castes, so that fits.  Not that I agree.  Yet, its like everything in life, you can't believe what your told all the time.  If that were the case all poor people would be living like kings since wealth trickles down the economy.  Yeah, right.

Gina said...

Hi JB:

The child's TM practice is called the "walking mantra" or "word of wisdom."
Children under age 10 do not meditate while seated.  Children are instructed to meditate while walking about or playing quietly alone.  It's an active meditation.  At age 10 or later, then the sitting meditation is given.

g :)

alex said...

Maha really "played" with his holy secret mantra's year after year. Every time different age categories with different mantra's. I learned ainga to give to 20 year old people

alex said...

I would say it is a total lack of integrety, conscistence, etc.  After reading all these storys, the categories of mantra giving, I feel f.....d myself by Maha.(not only in this matter).
I thought I spread and teached a honest technique, thought over very well and found out that his whole technique is just given in a way the wind goes how maha felt at the moment he gave the mantra s at the end of the TTC.
Secret, special and scientificily, dont let me laugh!

Very bad for that group of children to find out that they all had the same mantra! these days they would call it a scam.

alex said...

yes by age, and one year, he gave mantra A, and in another year he gave mantra B

Lisa said...

Hm. Post didn't show up, so if this is a repeat, pardon.  I was age 14 at the time of my initiation.  Older than 8, but nevertheless, I was a child.  I got out of this cult in my 20's.  Bless, and thank you for your story. :)

paulrio said...

I may have tolerated some of the tmo bullshit if the fees had been reasonable!

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