Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TM-Free Will Be Offline to Install New Comment System

Our long nightmare with our comment system may finally end. TM-Free Blog will be offline from 10 pm until 12 midnight EDT on Wednesday evening, 05/12/10, so that we can install a new Disqus-based commenting system.

We chose Disqus as our new commenting engine because of its high reputation and popularity in the blogging community, powerful new features, ease of use, and ease of modification.

The new system will contain all previous TMFB comments in its database, so nothing should be lost in the transition.

One notable advantage to the Disqus system is that comments may not be edited or deleted once they have a reply—although posters have the freedom to edit them until there is a reply. This will avoid the unfortunate ability of JS-Kit users, the commenting system we are now using, to delete their posts—and their replies—for whatever reason they chose. Recently this allowed authors to delete posts by Drs. Fred Travis and David Orme-Johnson.

If you would like to check out the features of the new system, point your browser to 2TestTMFree, our test site.



Avram said...

I just saw an article in the NYT, with a photo there of Deep Pockets Chopra with Micheal Jackson. Mike is sitting on his bed, while the Copra is "flying" behind him up in the air. he obviously propelled himself with his legs, but the photo is meant to imply that he is flying or almost flying, or why would they include such a photo?  I cannot believe that they are STILL doing the SAME LIE. I can't believe that they still sell this wanna fly modality, using  proximity to Jackson, like the first Meshegunishi to the Beatles, to attract attention.  What a photo.

Gina said...

Would you please post the link to that article?
g :)

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