Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TM-Free News Brief, 22 December 2010

No News is Global Good News: The near-total lack of serious news coverage of last week's David Lynch Foundation press conference and gala titled "Change Begins Within II" seems to have stymied the editors of the TM organization's news processing operation, "Global Good News" (GGN). Their story of December 19 refers to "extensive media coverage" of the event. One slight problem. It appears that most of the references in this story refer to one single news article distributed worldwide by the Agence France-Presse newswire and picked up by numerous outlets. All these "reports around the world" are hard to identify (GGN won't offer links) but the usual search engines, including Google News, detect no other hard-news reports not already covered here on the blog.

Other than the vague reference to the apparent worldwide resending of the AFP story, the only reference to a specific article by GGN is to the Telegraph (UK) article entitled "David Lynch and Russell Brand hawk meditation for traumatised veterans: is that really wise?" This article by the Telegraph's film columnist, which clearly emphasizes caution when dealing with those who "are pushing transcendental mediation," and ends with the suggestion, "maybe they could leave the more specific prescriptions to the medics," probably wasn't the kind of glowingly supportive press coverage Lynch and TM organization heads were hoping for.

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Rose McGowan: "You know they’re all lying. None of these bitches meditate." One of the hazards of gathering a stable of celebrities to endorse/support/finance your product at such a gala event is that organizers, like David Lynch, have no control over what those celebs might say or do. Like Rose, here, who was picked up by the gossip/celeb columns of two New York mags/newspapers spilling the beans on what was actually happening. Read more about it here at the TM-Free Blog.

Now it's Performance Artists for TM: According to a report in the Gainesville Sun, Florida performance artist Tom Miller was to "watch every episode of the David Lynch TV-Series 'Twin Peaks' (including the European pilot) in a 30-hour stretch" through last Friday, for the benefit of Transcendental Meditation. He planned to eat only foods popularized on the show: coffee, cherry pie and doughnuts. Miller says, “I have found no evidence that anyone in the world has publicly achieved watching every episode of ‘Twin Peaks’ (plus the movie “Twin Peaks — Fire Walk With Me”) in one continuous sitting while only consuming coffee, cherry pie and doughnuts. I will be the first.” There's no word yet on whether Miller survived the onslaught of sugar and caffeine.

Briefly: Bill Coop has identified many TM organization related locations across the planet and created a Google Earth .kml file that locates them on the map. Want to find out where all those alleged billions of dollars went?   Here's your chance... One of the TM related files that appeared on Wikileaks last year has been reposted to (Yahoo group) Fairfield Life. The "Governor Recertification Course Overview of Policies and Procedures" document was purportedly written by Kingsley and Leslie Brooks... Here's installment number 534,296 of "TM will send you to hell."

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John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

Ruth, welcome back! I hope you are well.

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

Have to agree with Karina, Mike. Why cut off conversation, even if Ann's beliefs are a little far out there? Certainly she was offensive to you but that only added weight to the perception that she is experiencing paranoia and needs help. I read a long post here in the past written by Bronte Baxter, talking about energy sucking deities etc, not that different from what Ann was saying. Bronte still has a link here to her website. I have known several people over the years who believed they were being persecuted by the TM organization. Mostly this took the form of black listing or being followed around campus by security but some believed as does Ann that the persecution is more esoteric in nature. This seems bizarre and beyond belief to me and indicates the need for help. I hope Ann gets help in some form or other. For her it may need to come from her own mind in the form of grace.

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

It’s a relief to hear you clarify your position on this. Karina. I had the same misgivings as Sudarsha. about your previous comment.

Regarding Ann, I agree that it would be interesting to know if she had some real information that led her to think that the TMO was carrying out a “black yagna” to attack her. If someone had told her this, then it could have sparked some fear based psycho-somatic condition, However, to me anyway, she seemed so wrapped up in her drama that it would have been hard to sift it out. She actually seemed to know a bit about the practices and belief systems of India.

There is a very entertaining story in the first chapter of the Mahabharata about a yagna performed to avenge the death of a king by snakebite. The whole race of Nagas (mythological serpent beings) were drawn through the air by the power of mantra and compelled to fall into the sacrificial fire. Before all of them were killed, the remainder were rescued by the intervention of a sage who was the offspring of a “Nagini” and another sage. At the end of the sacrifice, under the auspices of the legendary sage Vyasa, the whole of the Mahabharata was recited,

Regarding the conversation string being terminated, it seemed to me that this happened after Ann had angrily stated that this was her last post and what Michael did was to disable further replies. Since “replies” may go directly to one’s email, this may have been a compassionate move, as she didn’t seem stable, and was quite upset that she wasn’t being taken seriously. Perhaps it was my fault for challenging her beliefs so bluntly.

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