Saturday, January 06, 2007

On My Personal Motivations for TM Criticism

A canned response to ongoing speculations and attacks on my affiliations, motivations, and character:
I was trained, certified, and made a TM teacher in Leysin, Switzerland, by the Maharishi in '78. I am not a member of any organized group with an anti-TM agenda.

My spiritual beliefs are my own business. Pretty much in favor of all religions and spiritual leaders. Pretty much think they can fight their own battles.

My sexual orientation is my own business. I am not gay, bisexual, or a "sexual pervert" as one emailer succinctly put it -- although I count sexual experimenters among my friends.

My mental health is my own business. I am not diagnosed as neurotic, psychotic, or any such DSM IV listing.

I believe in open discussion among adults of any topic. Particularly topics that, in my 23+-year TM experience, have been hidden from initiates and the public at large.

I believe such discussion offers TM believers the opportunity to dispel rumor and innuendo and TM dissenters the chance to have their case heard. I believe the heat of public discussion and the light of public disclosure may bring about much-needed reform in the TM movement.

Finally, I can't believe the crap hurled my way by people who may have an honest disagreement with me, but have received no intentional harm from my actions or statements.

I refer everyone who engages in defamatory attacks in a public or private forum to a close reading of the laws on slander, libel, and harassment.

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