Sunday, January 21, 2007


We all believed the rumour that we'd be enlightened in 3 to 5 years.

We all believed the rumour that Mahesh was enlightened.

We believed the rumour that TM was all we needed.

We all believed the rumour that each and every new program to come along really and truly was the next most important thing to help us achieve the goal.

We believed the rumour that there was a goal.

Many never questioned that the first rumour was falsified by the most recent rumour.

We just kept believing and saying that TM wasn't a belief system.

I think that it is important to report the rumours we hear and, as we have done, say that this is a rumour and we are checking into it. Discovering and reporting there was no suicide is a very important thing, discovering and reporting that it was nonchantly brushed aside as just another rumour says something about the culture of the place that is supposed to have had some impact on the weather (no hurricanes on the east coast VICTORY celebrations – huge destructive storms on the west one, ignored).

Mahesh's rumour of the wonderfultivity of TM in bringing peace in the middle east and protecting the US from hurricanes flyes no more than his butt hoppers, but does float like a certain commonplace substance readily produced by all of us.


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