Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dr. Benson and the Faith Factor

I remember when Dr. Benson was one of the performing acts in the TMO circus. Of course, then, it was called an SCI Symposium. Dr. Benson was brilliant. I remember enjoying his very extensive talk. And I remember that he wasn't interested in being one of Mahesh's "acts" (like Orm-Johnson and Hagelin, et al.). It must also be noted that Dr. Benson specifically did not learn TM so that it would not interfere with his opinions or prejudice his research, I do not believe that this is something that the people who have turned out the 600+ TM "scientific studies" are able to legitimately affirm as part of their research protocol.

Then, of course, heresy of heresies, Dr. Benson took Mahesh up on his suggestion to study TM. I'm sure the current take on this by the TMO is extensively edited. But it was indeed Mahesh who recommended that Dr. Benson study the results of TM.

Dr. Benson did just this. And for the benefit of many Dr. Benson formulated the Relaxation Response. Actually, Dr. Benson formulated a simple, natural method to elicit the relaxation response, deep but conscious rest.

The text The Relaxation Response is still a best seller and can be learned quite successfully and inexpensively from the text or from many health care facilities in the US and Canada.

I recommend, for example, as an interesting source for seeing what the basics are all about and how faith and belief influence our daily lives. As well, please take a look at the Benson-Henry Instutite for Mind Body Medicine (

Best wishes to all of our readers for a healthy and prosperous New Year, one free from cult thought and cult mind control.

Sudarsha and the Editors of TM-Free

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