Friday, January 04, 2008

Maharishi Invincibility Laboratories

3 January 2008

As part of a global programme to establish and maintain food purity and of the highest quality, Dr John Fagan, recently crowned Raja with Global Responsibility for Food Purity and Safety and for Healthy Invincibility, has structured a plan to set up a global network of Maharishi Invincibility Laboratories (MIL). The purpose of Maharishi Invincibility Laboratories is to use scientific testing methods to rigorously and systematically verify food purity and quantify the nutritional value of foods.

It is planned to put in place both sophisticated, laboratory-based testing using the most advanced technology as well as simple and inexpensive testing methods for wider and larger scale use. Initial testing will be for common food and water contaminants such as pesticides. In addition, Maharishi Invincibility Laboratories will conduct research to verify and quantify the higher quality of food produced by Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture compared to conventional organic husbandry methods.

Pure food is essential for good health and clarity of mind, and the supreme value of food purity is required to enliven total Natural Law in the life of the individual and society, bringing perfect health and enlightenment to the individual, perfect balance, harmony, and invincibility to every nation and permanent peace to our world.

Whereas chemical approaches in agriculture produce foods containing damaging poisons, organic agriculture produces foods without toxic chemicals and is free from harmful effects. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture produces food that is not only free from harmful effects, but that also has that supreme value of purity which allows it to nourish all aspects of life.

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