Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Online Cult Support Group Starting

For those new to TM-Free Blog, I am a co-founder of TMFB and founder of

I am also a licensed psychotherapist who has worked with over 2,000 current and former cult members since 1995. I've worked specifically with ex-Transcendental Meditation members.

Starting Wednesday evening, October 1st I will be holding an online cult support group at (I am in the US Eastern Time zone.) It will meet once a week.

I designed the group for people who left their group, but still face challenges functioning in life. Difficulties might include: career/education, relationships, finances, health, depression, grief, shame, re-establishing spirituality -- pretty much any challenge caused by your time in your cult. (You might be interested in reading a list of post-cult symptoms at .)

Some benefits people report from cult support groups:
  • Great chance to share experience in a safe, moderated space -- ask questions and get answers!
  • Confidential, safe, and secure
  • Support from people who experienced what you did -- and don't think you're crazy!
  • Work with a therapist who understands -- I spent 20+ years in my own cult
  • A place to share and learn solutions that have worked for others
  • Inexpensive access to professional therapeutic help (as little as $10/session)
  • For many people, group may be faster, more powerful than individual counseling -- and less scary!
  • Downloaded transcripts let you re-read and consider insights at your own leisure
  • Learn crucial info on cult recovery

The group is open to anyone who is recovering from cult abuse by any group. The group is limited to 10 members, first-come, first-served -- you might want to make your reservation soon.

To learn more -- or if you have any questions at all -- please write me at

Look forward to recovering with you!


About Me:
I am a 23+ year former member of Transcendental Meditation in recovery from cults for 13+ years.

I've been a cult activist since 1995 and have worked with over 2,000 current and former members of eastern meditation groups, new age groups, multi-level marketing groups, christian/bible-based groups, and many, many more. I have specifically worked with over 1,000 former TM members.

I became a mental health professional in 2005 as a licensed psychotherapist (LMSW). You can read more about my practice at .

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