Monday, October 06, 2008

New Forum: "Spiritual Life after the Cult"

A reader on TM-Free Blog has suggested starting a new forum. He explains his vision much better than I ever could:
This thread has made me wish that there were a place somewhere on the Web where both TMers and former TMers who are interested in evolution, human potentials, and enlightenment could share information about what principles, training, methods and techniques besides TM we have found valuable. In other words, a place to share how we - having TM in common (for better or worse) - have been continuing on. ---- Tanemon

I would only add that the discussion is open to anyone who has followed a spiritual tradition, be it Eastern or Western, left it, and moved on to find new answers. Or new doubts.

Simply point your browser here, register, and begin posting -- or lurking.

If interest is great enough, we can open sub-fora for specific spiritual traditions -- both old and rejected and new and impassioned.

Let the sharing begin!


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