Saturday, November 08, 2008

Show me the Money

The TM organizations are on the search again to raise money. John Haglin is spending time on Wall Street and the TMO has sent out this solicitation.

The website for this solicitation and a budget is found under the name "Global Financial Capital."

Grand plans as always. They set up an office in New York (in an appropriately east facing building) which they name the Global Financial Capita of New York. Their budget shows a plan for schools all over the world, including 50 in the US. The tuition in the US would be $30,000 a year with a planned 10,000 students!

The site states:

Being in possession of this total knowledge of the UNIFIED FIELD OF NATURAL LAW, we are inspired to open new fields in education through new universities, colleges and schools that will provide Total Knowledge of Natural Law to every student and develop full enlightenment in every growing generation in every country, so that the power of Total Knowledge will allow everyone to know everything, do everything and achieve anything that he would like.

Fortunately, now we are in possession of the knowledge of Total Natural Law in the Unified Field, which has been discovered at the basis of physiology through modern scientific research.


The prevailing system of health care in every country is completely inadequate to prevent disease, and even to cure disease. Modern medicine is famous for its poisonous side
effects. Therefore, it is vital that a new and healthy system of health care is promoted. For
this it is vitally necessary that we undertake to establish high class medical colleges and
production facilities for healthy medicines in
every country.

I have watched with interested the efforts of the TMO to get into the medical business. They are masters at getting grants for research, especially as the National Institute of Health was pushed by congress to spend money on alternative medicine. However, it is one thing to get grants for small research projects. It is another to raise money from institutional investors. It will fall flat. The use of meaningless statements like the "unified field of natural law" will not impress.

One interesting tidbit from the site is on Haglin's resume. I quote:

The introduction of Dr. Hagelin will not be complete without mentioning that Dr. Hagelin has been, in one way or another, connected with 600 scientific research studies on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and its Advanced Techniques, including Yogic Flying, conducted over the last 35 years at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries and recorded in seven volumes of scientific research of over 5,000 pages. This research has demonstrated profound benefits in all fields of society—health, education, defence, business and industry, criminal rehabilitation and crime reduction, in the direction of world peace.

So, after all these years of emphasizing the independence of much of the TM research, the TMO admits that Haglin has connections with ALL of the research.

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