Friday, April 16, 2010

Conny Larsson's memoir (sect'y to Maharishi) released in Sweden

(The book's English translation is in process; distribution is in place)


– Jag talar för vännerna som inte orkade leva mer

Google Translation

Beatles, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson. They have all been drawn to charismatic gurus as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Conny Larsson was the spiritual leader's private secretary and followed him all over the world for many years.

Would learn to fly
The breaking point came when he realized that the TM movement was based on lies.
- Maharashi said he could levitate and make himself invisible. People who wanted to be close to the champion stood and made the world believe that he spoke the truth. Pictures of the boys who flew were presented. I attended a course, for 35 000 SEK and there was certainly no one who learned to fly, "says Conny.
Everything was just cheating and Conny was completely cracked. He says he lost faith that anyone could tell the truth.

Wanted to die
He took refuge in Sri Lanka , bought some land and developed a local tourist. But when he discovered the bribery and corruption in the country, he sank into a depression. So deep that he tried to kill himself. But he was saved by a man who told him of Sai Baba. It was the beginning of 20 years in a new sect. Conny became his devoted disciple and Swedish spokesman.

Was blinded
- My starting point was good and I wanted to get rid of my trauma, I wanted to mean something and help others. But I was so faithful that I was totally blinded. It was a horrible discovery when I realized what I participated in, "says Conny.
He had been living in a snake pit. Sai Baba molested systematically in young boys followed him. Although Conny was exposed.
- I did not realize that we were exploited. He was the ultimate answer to the truth, he did evil to goodness. He was God, so what he did must surely be right, "says Conny.

Would revenge
But constant dripping wears the stone, "says Conny, one day the truth sank in and he dared to step out of the sect.
- It was a terrible struggle. I went from being the golden boy of the inner circle to the 2000s Judas. They wanted to punish me, revenge and slandered me.
- But I have been silenced once before and I will never be more quiet, I'd rather be prepared to lose everything, "he says.
And he has indeed spoken out. 2005 came the book "Behind the clown's mask - Truths, sects and sex" in which he told of his incredible journey. Now he is up to date with "The Beatles, Maharishi and I" which focuses more on others who got into trouble in the sect.

Did a father
- I had several friends who lost everything and who could not manage to live more. It is for those who lost his mind and his voice, which was removed manipulated by cult leader as I write, "he says.
The reason he got stuck in the cult life is to be found in a broken childhood, surrounded by sexual abuse.
- I searched for a father figure, someone who could protect me. I thought that the cult leaders could give me pure love, but it would appear that they were dirtier than anyone else, "says Conny.
Today you can hear him talk more about his life and his books at Ronneby City .


arjuna said...

in case anyone here has a penchant for facts, connie was NOT Maharishi's secretary, and he did NOT travel around the world with him for years. if you do a search on the guy it's obsvious that he's a pathological liar thrying to cash in by selling a sensationlized fictional account, anyone who knew Maharishi knows this is all BS. 

chuck said...

... are you sayin you knewed the Mugharishi?

Gregg said...

Hillary Clinton was drawn to a guru?

It will be interesting to learn just how long Mr. Larsson was actually MMY's secretary. People who write memoirs are prone to build upon small truths in order to make themselves bigger by association to someone else who is famous or to being near important events, just helps sales.

I am as skeptical of Larrson's claims today as I wish I had been of MMY's and TMO's years ago, but I am open enough to listen and read just in case he is telling some truth. 

lex said...

You have evidence to support this? I don't know either way as I had never heard of this guy till toady but it is customary to source such a strong claim if you are able.

Bjarne said...

I have known Conny since 1970. Reading his deeply touching autobiographi. I have been laughing and crying the last few days, Conny met MMY in the sixties and was his night secretary (Johnny Gray the day-boy) at intervals in the midseventies, the early Seelisbergdays. The book is indeed rekommended, Conny is an artist and clown and know how to express himself. Also, lots of photos MMY and beatles from around the time they met him and from Rishikesh, photos of Conny and Gray acting skinboys, and of Ingegerd and Sten who tradically took there lives by setting their bodies on fire after being let down by life. Sten in the headquarters in Holland and Ingegerd in Sweden after she lost 20 million $ on kassettetapes develloped at MIU.
I hope Conny will find time to answer Your questions here - he is busy right now lecturing around Sweden, and I can asure You - he is still the good old clown bringing forth a lot of HAHAHAs in the audience :-D    

Bjarne said...

Sorry Arjuna, I was there on MMY´s Scandinaviatour November 1973 and Seelisberg summer -73. Conny was a skinboy then ;) . Also, some of the info You get by Googling is deliberately planted by the Sai Baba people....unfortunately easily done these days, and not so easy to get removed. You see arjuna...I am still on a website promoting the selling of TM ....

Gina said...


Darth Veda said...

If Conny had never been Maheshs secretary then all they had to do was to deny it, I never read or heard that TMO Officially denied Connys claim of being skin boy. However Conny is at at present an open target for the followers of Sai Baba or the analavatar, who´s disciple spend their a lot of time on a character assacination of Conny Larson. Having said that I have to admit that Connys memory is full of holes like a swiss cheese, he gives many versions of the same the story and one time he a disciple in 1971 another time he is a disciple in 1973 it because his brain is a mess- Having said that the followers of the analavatar should remember that Conny by far is the first to blow the whistle, Tal Brooks was the first.
And there was the Indians who tried to kill their God, and many many people around the world has testified against Sai baba and his abuse. It is not fair to single out a single man. I went to Malmo and heard Conny very interesting, he told that the celibacy of Hare krishna was to much for George Harrison and that Harrison called Mahrishi on the phone on severa occasions and asked if he could come in to his inner circle again, but MMY was stone-walling George, he would have nothing to do with him. But as far I could evaluate Conny is telling the truth. No doubt in my mind.

Bjarne said...

Conny Larsson on Stage in Mamö on wednesday, joined by his old colleagues from Malmö Theatre.

Joseppi said...

TM/MMY apologists like Arjuna are going to have their hands full over the next few months, since the fraud that was/is MMY and the TMO are going to be exposed by the release of this book, by the release of the documentary "David Wants To Fly" and by the release of Judith Bouques' long awaited story of her sexual escapades with the supposedly celibate Mahesh.

I think we can fully expect to see lots of "shooting the messenger" going on by the people who do NOT want to see their cash cow disturbed and exposed. I'm speaking of those who represent the Shrivastava/Varma clan....Mahesh's family, who have, in mafia like fashion, raked in the money collected around the world for years from the various TM enterprises.

By the way, I was in Seelisberg during the time that Conny was there. "Arjuna" cannot give proof that Conny was not Mahesh's secretary because he doesn't know. Either that or he does now and will blatantly lie in an effort to discredit Conny and protect the enterprise.

Interesting times indeed for what's left of the TMO!

lex said...


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