Friday, July 22, 2011

Let us entertain you - TM and cult educative video links

The following youtube videos were brought to my attention today- I don't know who posted these onto youtube.

These are simultaneously funny and distressing - too good to be true. They will stir memories for many TMFree readers.

The first animated video exemplifies a meeting with a Course Participant's (CP's) rejection from Dome participation (prolonged group meditation and "flying" practice). You see, attendance at Transcendental Mediation advanced programs requires "security" clearance with updated identification cards. The TM Movement tracks dates of individuals' attendance at TM-Sidhi training, Teacher Training Courses, payment status, and reports of deemed-spiritual infidelities or being "off the Program".

Decades ago I experienced questionings of my "devotion" to "Program". Bevan Morris interrogated me on two or three separate occasions in the late 1970s and early 1980s, questioning my commitment to Program because of frequent absenteeism to care for my children. I held fast (at the time) that Maharishi would not want me to neglect my children. Surprisingly, the TM authorities did not revoke my "badge". My mother submitted to such interrogation by Maharishi in 1975 in Switzerland when she requested to visit her Italian mother over Christmas. Again, in her case Maharishi relented and granted my mother a brief holiday visit to her family with return to Switzerland in good standing with the TM Movement.

Today, if I were to apply for an advanced TM program, they would likely reject me because of my public voice about the TM Movement's policies. Just as the CP in the following video is rejected.

Rejection from a controlling relationship (group or person) to which one is devoted can be an incredibly painful experience. Such rejection, however, is ultimately a compliment - manipulators will always reject independent thinkers. Critical analysis threatens totalitarian control. After all, critical thinking could become contagious. Enjoy a rendition of circuitous TM speak by what we once called a "TM-Nazi" :

The next animated video celebrates a recent National Tour to promote Transcendental Meditation by Dr. Raja John Hagelin :

This next one is an older, basic educational film about "Mind Control Cults". Several methods highlighted in this video will be familiar to those who know Maharishi's Transcendental Mediation Movement. This is simultaneously funny and sadly true. It brings back memories.

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